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Be Rossocinabro 5 Edizione

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!8 Giornata del Contemporaneo AMACI Rome Art Week 2022  Nuovi Mondi - Rossocinabro

Per portare  l'arte al grande pubblico.

VII Edizione - Cosě vicino, cosě lontano

La nostra identitŕ č il nostro modo di vedere e incontrare il mondo.



About us

Just like the intense shade of red it takes its name from, Rossocinabro represents an extraordinary passion for art. Over the years Rossocinabro has become a flower – albeit still somewhat niche – in the direct vicinity of the beautiful Villa Borghese. The gallery has organised over 200 exhibitions in the past years, from solo shows of interesting artists from abroad to collective exhibitions of up-and-coming local creatives. Rossocinabro is the first stop for art lovers visiting Rome. [the culture trip ...] [romeing ...]

Art is a passion that is transmitted from person to person, a dream brought to everyone. We invite you to discover an incredible collection of contemporary paintings and photographs made of unique pieces. Come and visit us, we are in the heart of Rome, in a welcoming and refined place. We exhibit the works of established artists and new talents. On the site you will regularly find new paintings, photos and sculptures from both permanent and new artists.





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