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Chiara Gini   

Chiara Gini, 1991 – lives and works in Vinci (Firenze) ITALY

Self-taught, in 2010 began to use photography, half closer to his face, already beginning to exhibit the same year in small Tuscan festival. In 2011, she exhibited at the contemporary art gallery, Moitre, Turin, in the collective 5di5 curated by Viola Invernizzi, and is mentioned on various blogs and online photo sites. The 2012-2013 period is full of experimentation (starting the first works with paint applied to photography and collage) and exhibitions in unusual places such as forests (cultural association Camboja, Pisa) desecrated churches (cultural association Heyart Florence) etc. where she found more affinity with their work. In the same year he was selected to exhibit at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence Biennale, in the category under31, with the work “Getting lost to find themselves” and in October 2014, participates in ARTVERONA, selected by the curatorial collective stART artproject Florence for project “The dealing room of art” created by the curators: Spela Zidar, Tijana Stankovic and Valeria Farril, INDEPENDENTS in section 5, together with the artists: Raffaele Di Vaia – Oliviero Dragons – Rachel Morellet and Jelena Pesic, where he presented his first installation, named “Store Memory” (made specifically for the event) with organic materials, audio and photo-collage.



My, is a journey “therapeutic” on our relationship with reality, both internal and external. The physicality of the human body intended as a mass in the making, the individual memory as a result of our present – because “we are what we have been” – the search for the primordial essence return for a revival of the individual and human-environment, are some of the recurring themes in my research. The beginning of a work always involves the use of photography because I need a base of objectivity visual on which to shape my reality and my inner worlds. My research (including aesthetics) travels through time, creating a lack of contemporaneity and imaginary live in no time. Reusing waste materials and objects of everyday life that attract me, I build my work at the mercy of the case, drawn from attics, open dumps, and all sorts of situation in a state of neglect of which I appropriate, bringing it to life. The basis of my work there is always a search of past-present, seen as an evolution of the use of materials, techniques and artistic disciplines, but also as a visual taste and evolution of the concept of “beauty”. I am very interested in the etymology of the words, the meaning associated with them and every kind of language. Everything for me is a journey from now to Origin to give life to a reworking / awareness of aesthetic and conceptual.



Fortezza da basso – Salone del mobile, Firenze curated by Dayone Florence, 2014 Art Verona, Indipendents5, Il borsino dell’arte, curated by Startwithart, 2014 Officina giovani, Prato, curated by Spela Zidar, 2014 Sincresis D’A Space, Spazio Totale, curated by Alessandra scappini Empoli, 2014 Parco d’arte Pazzagli, Firenze, curated by Francesca Merz, 2013 Biennale di Firenze under 30, 2013 Galleria Moitre, Torino, 5 di 5 curated by Viola Invernizzi, 2011


AWARD tra i 25 finalisti del premio SmartupOptima – menzione d’onore, 2014



Il Naufragio, di Luca Gini, edito dal Foglio Letterario di Gordiano Lupi, selezione di tre fotografie

Un amore crudele, di Piero Pieri, Marsilio editore, copertina – OFF








digitale, stampa su carta fotografica opaca 30x40

opera finalista Premio Smartup Optima 2014

copertina: Un amore crudele, di Piero Pieri, Marsilio Editore



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