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Mikio Hasui

Artist Statement

Born in Tokyo in 1955

Graduated from Meiji Gakuin High School, and studied at Department of Sociology, Meiji Gakuin University for three years Studied design under art direct or Takeshi Moriya

In 1978, joined Nippon Design Center

After three years at Nippon Design Center and later at Studio Masell, established his Co., Ltd., an advertising production company Involved in art direction for advertisement in general and designed record jackets as a graphic designer

In 1984, started to study photography, self – taught, to become a photographer

In 1988, held the first exhibition, began career as a photographer Photographed portraits of celebrities primarily, for cultural magazine works and for 03 by Shinchosha

From about 1990, participated in various types of advertisement works as an advertisement photographer

In 1998, established a photography studio Snappin’ Buddha

In 2000, worked on the first commercial film for UNIQLO campaign, After that, made a start as a commercial film cameraman and a director

In 2004, set up a digital lab in the studio to deal more extensively with digital photographs In the same year, won ACC (All Japan Radio & Television Commercial Confederation) Special Prize and Best Filming Prize for NESCAFE Excella ad “Scent of summer”

Participated in many works, which received ADC (Tokyo Art Directors Club), ACC, TCC (Tokyo Copywriters Club) and other awards. Living in NY & Tokyo



1988.03 solo exhibition, “MY FAVORITE SCENERIES” Pinpoint Gallery, Tokyo

1989.08 solo exhibition, “PERFECT STRANGER” Studio Ebis Photo Gallery, Tokyo

1990.01 group exhibition, “The second TWENTY PROMISING YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS’ EXHIBITON” Parco Gallery, Tokyo; Nagoya; Osaka

1990.10 solo exhibition, “PANORAMIC PHOTOGRAPHS” City Lites Gallery, Tokyo

1990.11 group exhibition, “HIGH-TECH PLANTS PHOTO EXHIBITION” Hanshin Department Store, Osaka

1991.01 group exhibition, “HIGH-TECH PLANTS PHOTO EXIHBITION” Art Gallery Artium, Fukuoka

1991.03 solo exhibition, “ITALY” Toto Super Space, Tokyo


1991.08 group exhibition, “COMMUNICATION PROGRAM FOR KIDS” City Lites Gallery, Tokyo 1991.09 solo exhibition, “PORTRAITS:MAGAZINE WORKS” Prinz, Kyoto

1991.09 solo exhibition, “PANORAMIC PHOTOGRAPHS, TOKYO BAY” Prinz, Kyoto

1991.10 group exhibition, “LE STYLE DE MONACO” Spiral, Tokyo

1992.03 solo exhibition, “UNIT-1″ Studio Ebis Photo Gallery, Tokyo

1992.07 two-men exhibition, “CARS AND STREETS” Cafe Galerie Tokuko, Tokyo

1992.07 solo exhibition, “MEMORIES” Studio Ebis Photo Gallery, Tokyo

1992.08 group exhibition, “TOKYO URBAN ART PROJECTS, ART ACTIVITY PHOTO SYMPOSIUM:Photographic study of modern social phenomena” Parco Part2:EXPOSURE, Tokyo

1992.09 group exhibition, “SLIDES ON THE WALL” I.C.A.C. Weston Gallery:EXPRESSION, Tokyo

1992.12 “POEM-EYE, NATURAL CONGESTION” collaborated with Hitonari Tsuji, Parco Gallery, Tokyo


1993.10 “HAWAII” published by Koei Publishing

1994.05 solo exhibition, “FANTASY:SCRIBBLING NOTES OF GOD” Studio Ebis Photo Gallery, Tokyo

1994.07 “PEACE LAND

1990-1994″ published by Korinsha Press 1994.12 “RIKACO PLUS LOVE” published by Shufunotomosha

1995.10 solo exhibition, “BUCK-TICK” Studio Ebis Photo Gallery, Tokyo

1995.12 “JET BLACK 59″ published by Switch Publishing

1995.12 “DREAMS COME TRUE” published by Switch Publishing

1997.07 solo exhibition, “THE SKY IN PALESTINE” Studio Ebis Photo Gallery, Tokyo

1998.12 solo exhibition, “STILL LIFE AND SCENES FROM PARIS” Spiral, Tokyo

2000.04 “TOKO” portraits of Motohiko Hino, published by Snappin’ Buddha

2002.05 “PEACE LAND 1995-2001″ published by Snappin’ Buddha

2002.09 solo exhibition, “PEACE LAND 1995-2001″ Spiral, Tokyo

2006.10 solo exhibition, “PEACE LAND” Colonbooks, Nagoya

2007.09 workshop “GELATIN SILVER SESSION” Tokyo Metropolitan Museum Of Photography

2007.10 group exhibition, “GELATIN SILVER SESSION 2007″ AXIS GALLERY, Tokyo

2008.05 “PEACE LAND 2002-2007″ published by Buddha PRESS

2008.05 solo exhibition, “PEACE LAND m.hasui panoramic photographs

2002-2007″ Spiral, Tokyo

2008.10 group exhibition, “GELATIN SILVER SESSION 2008″ AXIS GALLERY, Tokyo

2009.02 workshop “GELATIN SILVER SESSION” Tokyo Metropolitan Museum Of Photography, Tokyo

2009.07 solo exhibition, “The theory of waterside scenes photography” FUJIFILM PHOTO SALON, Tokyo

2009.09 group exhibition, “PARCO 40th Anniversary” more trees “Charity Photo Exhibition TOUCH WOOD” PARCO FACTORY, Tokyo

2009.09 “TOKYO PHOTO 2009″ Tokyo

2009.10 group exhibition, “GELATIN SILVER SESSION 2009″ Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo

2009.11 solo exhibition, “Water LAND” GALLERY 21, Tokyo

2009.11 solo exhibition, “SCRIBBLING NOTES OF GOD” GALLERY 21 bis, Tokyo

2009.11 “GINZA photo festa” Tokyo 2010.02 solo exhibition, “Bonheur” Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Chinzan-so, Tokyo

2010.04 group exhibition, “GELATIN SILVER SESSION 2010″ AXIS GALLERY, Tokyo

2010.05 group exhibition, “Restaurant-I more trees” Charity Photo Exhibition TOUCH WOOD ~For Forever Forest~, Tokyo


2010.09 group exhibition, “Power of Photography by 21 Photographers” GALLERY 21, Tokyo

2010.09 “TOKYO PHOTO 2010″ Tokyo

2010.10 group exhibition, “TOUCH WOOD art project” SYMPOSIA, Tokyo

2011.03 “TOKYO TRUE STORY” GALLERY 21, Tokyo

2011.04 KIDS SAVER WORKSHOP, Miyazaki 2011.06 group exhibition, “Breezeless” SOUS LES ETOILES, NY

2011.09 “TOKYO PHOTO 2011″ Tokyo

2011.10 “Time to spin beauty”GALLERY ENTRE DEUX, Tokyo

2011.11 group exhibition, “ShINC.” gallery cosmos, Tokyo

2011.11 “MYKITA 8 BOOK.” published by MYKITA

2011.12 group exhibition, “NIPPON ZINE” CITE DU TEMPS GINZA, Tokyo

2012.02 group exhibition, “Describing Tokyo Scapes by 100 photographers” GALLERY 21, Tokyo

2012.06 group exhibition, “HIGHLIGHT EXHIBITION

2011-2012″ GALLERY ENTRE DEUX, Tokyo

2012.07 solo exhibition, “arugamama” GALLERY MORYTA, Fukuoka; GALLERY SHIMAZU, Fukuoka

2012.08 solo exhibition, “arugamama” SHIMADA MUSEUM OF ART, Kumamoto 2012.08 solo exhibition, “arugamama” Gallery KoEN, Kagoshima

2012.09 solo exhibition, “TOHOKUJIN” CAFE UNIZON, Okinawa

2012.10 group exhibition, “GELATIN SILVER SESSION 2012″ AXIS GALLERY, Tokyo

2012.10 group exhibition, “Imperfect Moment” MUSEO GOTEMBA, Shizuoka

2012.12 group exhibition, “The collection of National Library of France” GALLERY ENTRE DEUX, Tokyo

2013.03 solo exhibition, “arugamama” Miyazaki ART Center, Miyazaki

2013.04 solo exhibition, “IMAGINE IN THE LIGHT” COMME des GARCONS BLACK SHOP, Berlin

2013.05 solo exhibition, “sya-nen” Kimikura, Shizuoka

2013.06 workshop, “GELATIN SILVER SESSION” Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High school, Tokyo

2013.10 group exhibition, “GELATIN SILVER SESSION 2013″ AXIS GALLERY, Tokyo

2013.10 group exhibition, “Homage to SHOJI UEDA” SHOJI UEDA MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Tottori

2013.11 solo exhibition, “THE ABSTRACTS OF AN IMAGINED SCENERY IN THE LIGHT” optical shop 4-AD, Fukuoka

2013.11 group exhibition, “Family Plots” gallery cosmos, Tokyo

2014.08 group exhibition, “Two Mountains” WHITEBOX Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

2015.01 solo exhibition, “White landscapes” Gallery NP Harajuku, Tokyo

2015.01 solo exhibition, “PEACE LAND” ESPACE, Tokyo

2015.02 solo exhibition, “Mikio Hasui Exhibition” citruss, Fukuoka

2015.02 solo exhibition, “Mikio Hasui Exhibition” 4-AD, Fukuoka

2015.04 group exhibition, “GELATIN SILVER SESSION 2015″ AXIS GALLERY, Tokyo

2015.06 group exhibition, “Kitaoji Rosanjin: A Revolutionary in the Art of Japanese Cuisine” The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

2015.08 group exhibition, “Kitaoji Rosanjin: A Revolutionary in the Art of Japanese Cuisine” ADACHI MUSEUM OF ART, Shimane

2015.09 group exhibition, “Tokyo 8×10 Photograph Exhibition” Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo

2016.04 group exhibition, “Kitaoji Rosanjin: A Revolutionary in the Art of Japanese Cuisine” Mitsui Memorial Museum, Tokyo

2016.04 group exhibition, “GELATIN SILVER SESSION” Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum of Photography Nara City, Nara

2017.01 solo exhibition, “The breath of Mt.Fuji” Canon Gallery, Tokyo

2017.01 solo exhibition, “Mt.Fuji, an oasis of life” Canon Open Gallery 1, Tokyo

2017.01 group exhibition, “PHOTOGRAPHY NOW” THE BRICK LANE GALLERY, London

2017.01 solo exhibition, “The breath of Mt.Fuji” Canon Gallery, Osaka

2017.02 solo exhibition, “The breath of Mt.Fuji” Canon Gallery, Aichi

2017.03 solo exhibition, “The breath of Mt.Fuji” Canon Gallery, Fukuoka

2017.04 solo exhibition, “The breath of Mt.Fuji” Canon Gallery, Miyagi

2017.04 solo exhibition, “The breath of Mt.Fuji” Canon Gallery, Hokkai

2017.04 group exhibition, “GELATIN SILVER SESSION 2017″ AXIS GALLERY, Tokyo

2017.10 group exhibition, "Two Mountains Photography Project 2017" ESPACE KUU, Tokyo



1996 Asahi Advertising Award, the second prize (MOS BURGER)

1997 Asahi Advertising Award, the category award (MOS BURGER)

1997 Nikkei advertising award, Technology Award (The Yokohama Rubber Company)

1998 Nikkei advertising award, the category award

2000 Tokyo Art Directors Club (ADC) Award (UNIQLO)

2001 Asahi Advertising Award, the category award (BENETTON JAPAN)

2001 Tokyo Copywriters Club (TCC) Award (UNIQLO)

2003 ACC Awards, the silver prize (HONDA)

2003 ACC Awards, the bronze prize (Nescafe)

2003 ACC Awards, the finalist prize (KIRIN GREEN LABEL)

2004 ACC Awards, special prize, the best Cinematography Award (Nescafe)

2004 ACC Awards, the silver prize (Nescafe)

2004 ACC Awards, the finalist prize (TOYOTA)

ACC Awards, the finalist prize (KIRIN GREEN LABEL)

2006 Tokyo Copywriters Club (TCC) Award (SHISEIDO)

2007 The 46th FUKUOKA Ad Association Prize, the bronze prize

2007 ACC Awards, the finalist prize (Olympus)

2008 The 3th Japan IAA Best Advertising Award, the bronze award

“Industriya Reklamy” The best CF of the year (Panasonic Russia VIERA)

2008 Tokyo Copywriters Club (TCC) Award (Olympus)

2009 ACC Awards, the finalist prize (Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co.,Ltd.)

2009 Tokyo Copywriters Club (TCC) Award (Olympus)

2010 ADC Awards, winning the prize (MSD “AGA”), TCC Awards, winning the prize (MSD “AGA”)

2010 The 78th Mainichi Advertisement Design Competition, the category prize (FUJITA KANKO INC.)

2011 The 51th ACC CM FESTEVAL, the finalist prize (Kewpie Corporation)

2017 The 70th Dentsu Advertising Awards(THERMOS)

2017 Spikes Asia Silver Spike(THERMOS)



2009 National Library of France “PEACE LAND”

2010 National Library of France “17photos, 17syllables”





I'm thinking between the trees

pigment print

80 x 100 cm


Available works




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