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Hiroshi Kawazumi

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, JAPAN

Lives & works in Ebetsu city, JAPAN



Nominated for La Grande Photo Awards 2015 Abstract Category

Honorable Mention (Amateur) / Monochrome Awards 2015 Abstract Category


Solo Exhibitions

2000 - Tatami Landscaping. The art space Rashinban , Shinbashi, Tokyo, Japan

2010 - Lines NHK Heart Plaza Gallery, Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan


Group Exhibitions

1998 - AITATA Office Maple, Yokohama, Japan

1999 - "Tokyo, Photography, Life" The art space Rashinban, Shinbashi, Tokyo.

1999 - Tokyo College of Photography Group Exhibition Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo

2001 - Gunnkoten Higashikawa Bunka Gallery, Hokkaido, Japan

2009,2011,2012 – Independence Higashikawa Bunka Gallery, Hokkaido, Japan

2012 - EWAAC finalist exhibition La Galleria, London, UK

2013,2014 - Hakodate Art Festival Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan

2015 - Dream Art Dali Museum, Berlin, Germany

2015 - Perspective of Receptivity The Palace of the Tourism Art and Hotel Architecture, Riccione, Italy

2015 - INTERNATIONAL ART EXPO Flyer Art Gallery, Rome, Italy

2016 - PALATINA Coronari 111 Art Gallery, Rome, Italy

2016 - Miscellaneous Arts Domus Romana, Rome, Italy

2016 - ITALO Le Dame Art Gallery, London, UK



1995 – 2000 Tokyo College of Photography, Japan Photography Course 2-2-32 Minowacho Kohoko-ku Yokohama-city 223-0051 Kanagawa JAPAN



I've been interested in the way how we are concerned with the Earth. Now, we are faced with danger of the global environment. When we look around our neighborhoods, we'll see various signs. I'd like to take pictures like that.




Hiroshi Kawazumi - Lines 1


Lines 1


with frame 50 x 40 cm


Available works




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