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Eva Rossi Kivimaki

Personal History:

I was born in Finland into a family where various art forms were a part of life both in Finland and Sweden yet I went to study English and received my Master's degree in English Philology. My art career started about 30 years ago with a class in stained glass while living in Miami. Three years later I was a full-time artist. Stained glass led to wall art and sculpture. After 35 years of nomadic life, having lived in 9 countries on four continents I have settled on a secluded farm in the Serra do Mantiqueira mountain region between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but I also spend three months a year in Frascati, Italy. I show my work regularly in solo and group exhibitions around the world as well as doing commissioned work.


My Work:

The inspirations for my art come from the depth of the earth from the vast skies and beyond as well as from my inner musings, the life mysteries, the fun and the open questions. The materials I use include 24 Carat gold and white gold, glass (sheet, dalle de verre, smalti), Brazilian semiprecious stones, zirconias, pearls, copper and other metals. My art is a personal expression of the joy of converting an idea into a tangible object, a one-off piece, something that was not there before.



Through an individual technique with predominance of glass Eva Rossi-Kivimaki creates her art achieving truly unusual results. Born in the liberty of a real artistic passion and through the choice of themes the work transforms itself into an immediate and efficient message. The value of Eva Rossi-Kivimaki's art comes from the part that is most hidden, most improvised and most sincere. Not only is the work about art but also about an independent and free cry of her real truth. In effect, there is no real difference between her more informal work and work that depicts more realistic subjects. Eva Rossi-Kivimaki's creativity is born in her true interior thus it is not reproductive or imitative.

Emanuel von Lauenstein Massarani Critico de Arte Diretor General do Museu de Arte do Parlamento do Sao Paulo, Brasil 


Off Centre

47 cm diametro

mixed media con vetro, metallo, perola, conchiglia, onice, tormalina



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