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Cornelia Teschi Kypridis

Artist Statement

Painting belongs to me, it means freedom to me. I can live and express my personality within it, without borders. I let my inner instinct decide the choice of colors, and they express a wish of breaking free from bonds. Simultaneously it’s about transformation and a way free for my fantasies to express themselves, in direct connection to the here and now, which is again reflected in my work.

Painting is my Life!

I was born in Northern Germany and studied Art & Design at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, Department of Design. During the eighties and nineties I was fortunately able to spend a lot of time in Ibiza (Spain) where I collected experience in wall painting as well as being influenced by the islands natural beauty and spirit and spent a lot of time travelling to places like Bali, Goa, Bahamas which all left their own special impressions and tastes. Later I met my husband, who was born in Greece and raised in Australia and consequently fell in love with the Greek Islands, which also influenced my perspective and way of life.

Its the natural elements and above all, the different tones of blue from the seas to the skies that inspire me without words.

I participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe and associated to several galleries, e.g.

Kypridis Teschi Cornelia - Milky



mixed and media (aryl, industrial paint, paper) on  canvas

100 x 100 x 3 cm


Available works




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