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Gitana Vaicyte

Artist Statement

I grew up in Lithuania, but for almost the last 15 years have been living and working in London, where currently I’m in my final year (BA) studies of Fine Arts at University. Prior to that I have had numerous amounts of short painting courses, a year long private tuition at a London based artist studio and two year intense course of Fine Art at City Lit in London.

Growing up in a silent family, with deaf parents and being slightly deaf myself, forced me quietly to watch and observe people around me every day. Up until today I’m fascinated by it, and I try to bring those observations into my painting’s using different mediums. Most of my paintings are figurative or portrait paintings, painted often in bold colours, as that is my interpretation of how I see people, in a bold, unique, drastically strong, crazy, shy, passionate way etc.



Pink hair

pastels, acrylics and oil on canvas

60 x 60 cm


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