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Composite Identities   


15 - 30 October,   2016

On the occasion of the XII Contemporary Day organized by AMACI (Association of Museums of Italian Contemporary Art), with a special opening on Saturday 15th October, the gallery presents to his audience the group exhibition 'Composite Identities'. This exhibition focus on the idea of identity and the various connections that it assumes with the world and the reality. In this exhibition there is a composite and multifaceted expressiveness of code whose prerogatives are estimated in the reciprocal relationship of individual and consolidated observation skills that are reflected in the analysis and discernment oriented towards specific artistic and cultural purposes. Punctual and determined personalities lead these authors to promote and manifest with similar familiarity, their potential of being painters, sculptors, photographers and manufacturers of environmental interventions and installations, like they were perfect successors of the art's ingenious versatility of the first half of the twentieth century . In each of their competition with the matter and space that it confine and contain, these artists use an ingrained talent of experimenters and at the same time an ambition far from epidermal that loose the constraints and rules dictated by a specific technique or a stylistic address. The alternation of autonomous realizations to one another intrigues a careful person. It is anything but hard to read These realizations present themselves not as choked identity but, at first look, they might appear as vague eclecticism. An imaginative path in which the daring narration art is identified with the mysterious adventure of human life.


Artists: Aupié, Annamaria Biagini, Marco Cavalieri, Svity Chemerys, Beatrice Cofield, Alistair Cooke, Basilio Dipani, Giovanna Fabretti, Francesca Federico, Andreina Guerrieri, Astrid Jacobs, Angelika Kahl, Sophokles Koutris, Lokke, Stjepko Mamic, Katariina Mansikkaniemi, Stefano Mariotti, Martina Minardi, Joy Moore, Päivyt Niemeläinen, Anja Stella Ólafsdóttir, Rosa Maria Protopapa, Daniela Rebecchi, Eva Rossi-Kivimaki, Paolo Remondini, Alfio Sacco, Sheila, Ursa Schoepper, Rosana Soriano, Georgeta Stefanescu, Christina Steinwendtner, Elina Tammiranta Summa, Ana Taveras, Lyndel Thomas, Vincenzo Vavuso

curated by Cristina Madini

opening saturday 15 october from 6pm - to 8pm

from 17 October visit exhibition from mon-fri 11am -7pm





 sponsored by AMACI (Association of Museums of Italian Contemporary Art)




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