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Artist Statement

LiV. Libuse Vyskocilova (1955)

Once she caught a turpentine smell and drugged, she moved the brush upon her first canvas. So she began… for the first time, because everything is once for the first time. There are places in the world where you became breathless, where you look around and you realize there is so little time to stop…realize that just to lift head and let drift by the beauty all around will do for us to have better time. There is a power hidden inside the beauty and it protects us against any hurt.

Some day my fate forced me to stop, to look around carefully, to smile with tears in my eyes. Suddenly, I saw everything. And I started to transpose all my desire after knowing, freedom, understanding, sharing and love on the canvas or paper. My drawings and painting compositions of dreams and verity are the reflections of my soul and my living it this world. I wish that my artworks would live with you always when you are sad and when you have fun as well.


What to say about myself?

Maybe that I am a lady graduated on Academy of Fine Arts and still study history of fine art and architecture. Studied paintings in some professional and other studios. Always as a student I go on with my own artistic potential, I draw and paint intensively and day by day I look for my own identity. I use my genuine manuscript. My domain? The meditation paintings, works full of symbolism or some details. I paint the figural compositions and sacral works, too. Hungry after all new technics, full of dreams and ideas. An irreparable dreamer and optimist.

I live and I work in a small village full of poetry called Gate Of Highlands not far away from Brno in the Czech Republic.

You can find my artworks in private collections also in Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Hungary and in the USA.

My works also appear in more web galleries in Germany and in the USA.



2005 Libušina galerie Malhostovice

2006 Libušina galerie Malhostovice

2007 Libušina galerie Malhostovice

2007 Gerasdorf Austria

2008 Vienna Austria, Art festival České Budějovice

2009 Libušina galerie Malhostovice

2010 Výstavní síň Adamov Castle Rendezvous Lednice

2011 Synagoga Lomnice Zábřeh na Moravě

2012 Humpolec Museum

2013 Velká Bíteš

2014 Vír Galerie Na blatech

2015 Žernůvka, domov Sv. Alžběty

2016 Libušina galerie Malhostovice

2017 Castle Rajec nad Svitavou Domov Sv. Alžběty





The Jungle Book

acrylic on canvas

90 x 90 cm


Available works




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