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  The DNA of light by Ilka Henkel & Paul Heinrich Neuhorst



The Alien colour

created with the colours of light

62 x 62 cm


The Ball head

created with the colours of light

62 x 62 cm




Paul Heinrich Neuhorst successful lighting designer, artist, authoritative lighting developer with 62 worldwide art and design awards.


Ilka Henkel artist, technical and artistic consultant with international exhibitions.


Painting with the colors of light - a new art movement.


Attention, the following artwork is not digital art! The DNA of Light is a collaboration between Paul Heinrich Neuhorst, a highly skilled lighting designer and artist, and Ilka Henkel, a versatile artist and technical consultant with an impressive international exhibition portfolio. The dynamic duo venture into a realm of art that defies conventional categorisation. "The Painting with the colors of light" challenges the preconceived notion that art consists of computer-generated images. Instead, the essence of light is utilised by breaking it down into its spectral components, much like a prism or a rainbow. The artistic process mirrors that of traditional painting, with the mixing of the coloured light components resembling the mixing of paint on a palette. Adjusting the intensity of red, blue, green and their combinations becomes a choreography of colour tones, similar to a choreographer staging a dance. The subsequent creation of sculptures, backdrops and decorations further enriches the narrative. These elements are then illuminated by the carefully composed coloured light components. The results of this intricate process are visually stunning images of a brilliance that defies convention. The interplay of colour, light, reflection and mirroring forms a mesmerising symphony. "The Painting with the colors of light" represents an art form that is completely original, innovative and deeply complex. Here, light is not just a tool, but an essential medium that equals the artist's craftsmanship. It stages a dance of colours and light contrasts, a choreography of visual splendour. Although this art form is firmly rooted in the contemporary abstract and playful world, it retains a connection to reality through its study of nature.


Worldwide awards for the art direction - The DNA of light

2021 iF Design Award

2021 Word Design Award, The Architecture Community ART

2021 Architecture Masterprice, Community ART 2021 Interior Design Award, Gold Winner, Community ART

2022 Muse Design Award , Gold Winner, Community ART

2022 Nomination Luxembourg ART

2023 NY Design Award, Silver Winner, Community ART

2023 Kyoto Design Award, Community ART



• International art exhibition ARTE Binningen CH

• Solo exhibition opening Migros Lörrach Germany

• Publication of an art calendar Worldwide

• Industrial design for Hoffmann-La Roche Worldwide

• Permanent exhibition Hoffmann-La Roche Grenzach Wyhlen Germany

• Group exhibition Regio `Art Lörrach Germany

• ART Mondial International Art Fair Breisach Germany

• Solo exhibition for the reception of the Norwegian Ambassador - Galerie der Kleine Prinz

• Baden- Baden Germany

• Solo exhibition Novartis Campus Basel Worldwide

• Industrial design Bayer Consumer Care Worldwide


Exhibitions worldwide

• 2021 Museum Gallery Magidunum Magden Switzerland

• 2022 International Art Exhibition ARTE Binningen Switzerland

• 2022 Space Wonder Lahr - City Museum Lahr Germany

• 2022 Open ART Freiburg Germany

• 2023 ARTBOX Zurich Switzerland

• 2023 M.A.D.S. Gallery Madrid Spain

• 2023 M.A.D.S. Gallery Time Square NY

• 2023 Villa Berberich Bad Säckingen Germany

• 2023 Exhibition FHNW Muttenz Switzerland

• 2023 ARTBOX Miami

• 2024 ART Number23 London - Tokyo

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