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  Kimberly Adamis [ see other similar works ]

         Los Angeles, USA


My religion

Limited Edition Framed Digital PhotoArt

76 x 109 cm

No more silence

Limited Edition Framed Digital PhotoArt

86 x 109 cm



Shout it out

Limited Edition Framed Digital PhotoArt

84 x 107 cm


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"Kimberly Adamis is an LA-based Photographer/Artist whose work spans over multiple medias. During the recent summers (pre-COVID) she’s been traveling with Ann Wilson (of HEART) and the HEART Love Alive Tour 2019 as their tour photographer. When home she spends her time exploring other aspects of the art world. If she's not photographing other musical artists or shooting art portraiture you can find her in her studio painting, drawing and exploring new mediums. Her work has been displayed in Rome, Venice, London and in Los Angeles where she’s had Solo & Group exhibits. Her PhotoArt is currently on exhibit in Rome at the Rossocinabro Gallery through 2022. You can also find her work in top publications, concert books, fashion videos, record covers and tour t-shirts, as well ason the walls of many private collectors and places of business. "Art is my life. I eat, breathe and sleep visualizing my next project."


Solo exhibition 2019

“HANDS" LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) Downtown Los Angeles, CA, USA


Group exhibitions

THE OTHER ART FAIR - 2022 Los Angeles, CA


LONDON CONTEMPORARY 2022 London, England

VENICE INT’L ART FAIR 2021 Venice, Italy

ROME INT’L ART FAIR 2021 Rome, Italy

LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) "Snap To Grid" - 2019 Downtown Los Angeles, CA, USA

LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) Group Show - 2018 Downtown Los Angeles, CA, USA



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Splice Magazine

Connection Archives

Heart linker

Houston Press

Rams Head Group

Grateful Web

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Columbus News Team

USA Breaking News Magazine

Albuquerque Journal

Vintage Vinyl News

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