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Florie Adda 

Artist Statement

I am a french visual artist and writer. My work is about questionning subjectivity and reality by exploring limits and how the inside and the outside relate.

I’m interested in links, associations of ideas, and how the style and the content complement each other. I try to make sense with simple forms, I try to make inner things exist by representing them in the outside. I try to question my langage all the time, to let show how it is perpetually moving and adjusting to the world around. I try to find a balance somewhere in between instinct and reflection, action and stillness.

I work by asking myself some misleadingly simple questions : What is the difference between an object and its projection ? Between a reality and its reflection ? Between a human being and an hologram ? Between a thought and its shadow ? How do I invest images ? How can I make sense today ? What is an artistic gesture today ? Painting, writing, making video or digital images are many ways for me to try to answer these questions and to represent some meaningful realities and subjectivities, to try to give substance to empty images.



MA in Fine Arts / Ecole supérieure d’art d’Avignon (Fr)



2019 / Artfair ‘Art Shopping 2019 ’, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (Fr)

VIZart international Biennale 2019 « Self-portrait », National Historical Museum, Tirana (Albania)

Group show ‘Murmures’ in Albi-sur-Chéran (Fr)

Group show ‘Untitled’ in Aubais Castle (Fr)

Group show ‘Tauwetter’ in old Kugler factory, Geneva (Ch)

2018 / - Biennale of Contemporary Art of Gentilly (Fr)

Contemporary drawing show ‘À dessin 4’, Chapelle du quartier haut, Sète (Fr)

Residency program and exhibition ‘Terre Promise’ with Marion Séhier in old Victor Hugo High School, Sète

2017 / - Solo show ‘Images intermédaires’ at LATELIER, Sète

Contemporary drawing show ‘À dessin 3’, chapelle du quartier haut, Sète

2012 / Group show ‘Book in Progress’ in Paris metro (subway), RATP program, Paris (Fr)

2011 / Group show ‘Please visit me’ at Mio-pop-up gallery, Marseille (Fr)


Writing / Live performing

2019 / Writing for the « Bi-livre » published during the third Biennale of Contemporary Art of Gentilly

2010 / 2014 - Creation of the dancing / reading piece ‘États mixtes sur plateau’ adaptated from the novel ‘Etats mixtes sur papier’. Residency programs at La bulle bleue (Montpellier) and Ramdam (Lyon). Live performances and meeting with the audience during ‘Aparté(s)’ and ‘Ouverture(s)’ festivals in La bulle bleue in Montpellier.

2012 / Publication of the illustrated novel ‘Etats mixtes sur papier’, Bleu pétrole éditions, Paris 2012


What the sun see

acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

Available works




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