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Artist Statement

London-based artist Elise Mendelle's art is about expanding upon a moment in time; by capturing a thought, feeling or emotion, she aims to push viewers to look beyond the painting, so they can explore and anticipate what comes next. She believes there is more to her paintings than meets the eye. It is a way of telling a story, of allowing a narrative to emerge for each individual person. Elise's paintings challenge those studying the art to try to understand and learn something new about the sitter and their surroundings. It is a process of looking within oneself as well as within the art.

Elise's work has been exhibited in London, Rome, Venice and New York. Her style embraces a loose and expressive nature. She paints with oils on canvas; experimenting with brush strokes to convey a lot on the canvas with less paint. She paints with a variety of different coloured backgrounds, which become part of the painting and give it life and expression.




Transcending the illusion

acrylic on canvas

160 x 40 cm

Available works




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