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Misa Aihara

Artist Statement

Fundamentally I explore the reality of a painting. I try to make it with every kind of figurative elements on a picture; color, shapes, composition, texture, brushstroke, touch, splash and so on. I want to give emotional and spiritual impact on the composition of figurative abstract elements.

I often start painting inspired by a combination of colors. One day I happened to see and was attracted at pieces of 2 different colors side by side on the table; dark gray and crimson. I wondered why I was impressed. Then it struck me that I perceived tough energy from it. I sketched out plans with watercolor. A week later, when I felt my emotion set deep enough into the subject, I started painting directly on canvas.

I sometimes work in chaos. I ask myself “What does the picture mean?” or “ Is the picture worth working for?” My brain tells me “Wrong color!” or “ Wrong place!” I struggle to find the next step to complete the work. I usually work on almost 10 works at the same time. I keep working on a painting for three days, one for weeks, one for months or sometimes one for years. I often happen to find clues to complete each work this way. I have never been desperate. I believe I will come to the goal. I enjoy the process.



Misa Aihara 1942 born in Ibaraki-pref. Japan

1963 graduated from Joshibi Univ. Art & Design, Tokyo

1970 solo exhibition (Surugadai Gallery, Tokyo)

1972-75 stayed in London, UK and involved in printmaking

1974 British Printmakers’ Council exhibition (London, UK)

1975 British Printmakers' Council exhibition ( London, Barkely in USA, Athens in Greece)

1976 invited to Premio Internacionale Biella per L’incisione, Italy

1977 Japanese Printmakers’ Show (Gallery L.Humburg, Germany)

1979 Solo exhibition on paintings (Iteza Gallery, Kyoto, Japan)

1980, 82 solo exhibition (Gallery Haku, Oosaka)

1984, 86, 88 solo exhibition (Te Gallery, Tokyo)

1991 Group exhibition (AD & A Gallery, Oosaka, Japan)

'90, 92, 94, 96 solo exhibition (AD & A gallery, Oosaka)

2000 solo exhibition (Galeria Graphica bis. Tokyo)

Group exhibition (AD & D Gallery, Oosaka)

2005 participated in Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art (Firence, Italy)

2009 participated in Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art (Firenze, Italy)

2010 Group exhibition (Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal)

2012 Group exhibition (Gallery Tondinelli, Roma, Italy)

2011 nominated to Chianciano Art Awards (Chianciano Terni, Italy)

2013,14 Group Exhibition (Amsterdam Whitney Gallery NYC. USA)

2014 awarded to Artistic Merit Award at Chianciano Art Award

2013, 15 London Art Biennale (London, UK)

2016 Group exhibition (Gallery Bohner, Mannheim, Germany)

2017 participated in Art Expo New York

2017 (NYC, USA) Solo exhibition (Gallery Steiner, Vienna, Austria)

2018 Tokyo International Art Fair (Tokyo, Japan)

2019 Group Exhibition (Grimandi Gallery, New York, USA)



Verko 14-03

oil on canvas

100 x 80 cm

Available works




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