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Katja van den Bogaert  

Artist Statement

Born in Eindhoven in 1975, Katja van den Bogaert is a self taught abstract artist now living and working in Giessenburg. As a young girl van den Bogaert was always interested in colors and forms. In school it didn’t came out naturally. So she decided to go to the Dance Academy Art school in Tilburg. Working several years in that branche, van den Bogaert was now more interested in seeing something of the world and started to work for KLM as a cabin attendant.

After 14 years of traveling and working, she was ready for a change and started a teahouse with a friend in Den Bosch. She enjoyed this process of building a business very much.

Painting was always on the sideline. When van den Bogaert decided to leave the city with her partner and live in a more natural environment, she decided to close the teahouse and wanted to develop in a more creative path and follow her passion. The urge came to paint on big canvasses. The air and nature are the first inspirations for the work.

Colors, using different materials and organic forms and structures are the essentials for the paintings. Katja finally decided to become a abstract artist and began selling the art privately through word and mouth to friends and to collectors.

Van den Bogaert currently lives in Giessenburg. She lives together and has a dog. She often visits the South of Holland to see friends and family. The paintings brings her to several places where she meets beautiful people and nice homes.

She prefers to live in a flow where she can go from one experience to another. Van den Bogaert’s philosophy of art is simple; she thrives on abstract painting as it allows her carefree spirit the freedom to create acting on impulse, driven by instinct. She desires to create paintings that engages the viewer, triggering a sensory response and strong emotion within them. She aims to create artwork that comes to life, almost becoming their own life form, while pleasuring the eye and hinting at a world that lies deep beyond the surface of her paintings.

It is through painting that van den Bogaert shares her soul and her own personal discovery with the world. She continues to invent her story with passion by painting.





Move along

painting on canvas

140 x 100 cm

Available works




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