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  Ekaterina Aristova [ see other similar works ]

         Paris, France


Blossom fields (Provence, France)

acrylic on canvas

38 x 55 cm

Série "La Terre et La Mer" (Earth and Sea)

Route des Crêtes (Ridge road in Cassis)

acrylic on canvas

38 x 55 cm

Série "La Terre et La Mer" (Earth and Sea)



acrylic on canvas

38 x 55 cm

Série "La Terre et La Mer" (Earth and Sea)

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Ekaterina Aristova is a French and Russian artist painter. Born in Moscow (14.12.1986), lives and works in Paris. As an artist, she has been exhibiting since 2015. Her first solo exhibition took place in Paris at Galerie 21, 21 rue Dauphine 75006 (Saint-Germain-des-Prés) in July 2016. A series of watercolours and drawings with charcoal and ink in the movement "Dance with me!" proved to be very successful. These works are in private collections in France and abroad.

Since then, the artistic career of Ekaterina Aristova has continued to develop. Aristova is involved in numerous projects in the field of fashion and cinematography and continues to draw and paint. The artist moves to abstraction, which allows her to express emotional and philosophic side of being.

November 15, 2020 Aristova presents a series of abstract landscapes "La Terre et La Mer" (Earth and Sea). This series is inspired by travel trips across France and overseas between first two (Covid-19-related) lockdowns. The main theme of these abstract landscapes is the feeling of freedom from summer journeys in France in 2020. The most important in these artworks is the perception of colour and space.

“I tried to avoid detailing. And most of all I am inspired by the feeling of freedom - a free spirit. " The main work of this exhibition is "2020" (or "L'Eclat de Nuit" - "Night glow"), which is now a courtesy of the French managing company). The artwork is a huge - two meters long - canvas reflecting The Earth on fire. The painting is a vast abstract landscape, executed in an intense scarlet-red color. The work is a metaphor for "our world" and "their wars" and addresses to the issue of freedom.

The main message of the exhibition is the idea to enjoy and value our life and our freedom with respect to others, especially during a difficult period (of war). "I believe that real freedom begins inside of us."

Despite the pandemic, the exhibition was presented to a wide public - in Paris in the art space in the 16th district (29, bd Exelmans 75016) and in New York thanks to an art project curated by Art-Yourself Studio (New York). New works of the series are in private collections.

After this exhibition, Ekaterina Aristova creates a new abstract series "Reflections", which becomes very philosophical and raises such questions as the mystery of time, life and death, fear, soul, love, freedom, a sense of the fatherland and home. The collection is represented by the Sonia Monti gallery in the most prestigious area of Paris ("Golden Triangle") - Avenue Matignon. From April 5 to June 5, 2021.



National Academy of Fine Arts of Paris (ENSBA) 2015-2016

Académie de la Grande Chaumière 2015-2016

Professional artist, approved by the French House of Artists (Paris) - la Maison des artistes (MdA).


Selected Exhibitions

5 Avril 2021 - 5 Juin 2021 Galerie Sonia Monti - Paris Matignon (6, avenue Délcassé 75008)

1 Déc 2020 - 1 Mars 2021 Exposition online à New York (curator Art Yourself Studio NYC -, New York

24 Nov 2020 - 24 Déc 2020 Exposition à l'espace d'art 29, bd Exelmans 75016 Paris

15 Nov 2020 - 15 Fév 2021 "La Terre et La Mer" Art Room Paris 16 et Online 3D

12-23 Juillet 2016 Exposition SOLO/Personnelle à la Gallery 21 (21, Rue Dauphine 75006 Paris - Saint Germain-des-Près)

7-10 Juin 2016 Exposition à Gallery 21 Dauphine, 75006 Paris France.

7 Nov. 2015 Expo' Vernissage Paris 6ème

27-28 Juin 2O15 Exposition à la Grande Chaumière - Paris, France.


«Earth and Sea» Paris 2020

Three exhibiting works («Bestouan», «Route des Crêtes» and «Blossom fields») make part of the series "Earth and Sea" which are abstract landscapes inspired by the beautiful Southern coast of France. Bestouan is a famous little beach in Cassis - Mediterranean village at Côte d’Azur.

«The water here is the clearest you can imagine. Azure, transparent and fresh. Always colder than the coast in general. Because of the cold springs hitting running directly to the sea. Cap Canaille («Route des Crêtes») is visible on the left. A ridge road leads to it, which bends around the castle of the vodka magnate, as we like to joke. The rocky beach («Bestouan») overlooks Les Roches Blanches, where Winston Churchill stayed, taking lessons from the artist and art teacher Madge Oliver, who lived next door. Edith Piaf drank her black coffee on the snow-white Art Deco terrace in the shade of emerald pine umbrella trees. And below, tanned, cinnamon-colored, boys practice their agility and jump (as from a high bar of a pool) from a stone staircase into the transparent blue of the Bestouan Bay. I also remember the funny moments from the movie with Annie Girardot and Philippe Noiret "The Old Maid", filmed right there on the Bestouan beach. Take a look if you haven't seen it before.» (personal notes of the artist, Ekaterina Aristova, in her blog).

«I really love open spaces. They fill with energy, give a feeling of freedom, space, light. You stand as a small point at the beginning of the take-off line, scatter and fly on wings that have come from nowhere. High above that very velvety lavender, the aroma of which will sound like a sweet intoxicating trail in your head for a long time. But how good to forget everything for a while.» (personal notes of the artist, Ekaterina Aristova, in her blog).

«Blossom fields» is an hommage to Nicolas de Stael, the artist who influenced a lot Ekaterina Aristova. This landscape evokes warm summer evenings in Provence, when the hot southern sun colors everything around with a golden-peach light, making the landscape of the Provencal valleys velvety and warm. (Ekaterina Aristova, personal notes)


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