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Artist Statement

As a child I dreamt of Africa, of her landscapes, her wildlife. Many years later, in 2006, I got a professional assignment in Tanzania for 4 years and had the privilege to witness incredible nature. It’s in Tanzania where photography took on its full meaning.

I got my first camera from my parents at the age 11. Since that time I never stopped taking photos to capture the beauty of nature.

Photography means writing, drawing with the light. It’s also for me a way of trying to get the atmosphere and emotions that sometimes are not seen with the naked eye.

During the last 30 years, I have been fortunate to live in different parts of the world: North America, Middle-East, Northern Europe and Northern Africa. During my recent time in Northern Africa, I tried to photograph the captivating beauty of the Sahara desert, an ocean of sand where shadows and light draw amazing landscapes.

Nowadays a lot of wild species are in danger because of lost habitat, climate change and poaching. For these reasons I have decided to dedicate my photography to the cause of preservation so the future generations might admire the incredible wildlife on our beautiful planet.


Achievements and Awards

2019 Black and White Spider Awards: Wildlife (non-pro)

2019 Moscow Foto Awards: Nature (non-pro)

2019 Winner of Biafarin Promotion Award in 13th Arte Laguna Art Prize

2018 Tokyo Foto Awards: Nature-trees (non-pro)

2018 Monochromes Awards: Fine Art (non-pro)


One day I will fly away

photography on paper

20 x 30 cm

Available works


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