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Artist Statement

I always agonize over how we could gain the power to live more and how we could endure our life more. I am producing my works, thinking that we need a buttress whereby we can keep us safe from the dam collapsing every moment in this violent world. My works are about the methodology for such themes. I express my themes through the persona ‘A’(ah). For example, ‘A’ takes us all to the forest that serves to rehabilitate the nature we have lost. The forest is a space free from the law of physics. There, numerous beings co-exist only to die after all, while other numerous beings are born anew. Our human beings will get relieved within the nature embracing everything, staring at the cycling life. Not only the forest awaits us. ‘A’ will also take us all to the flowing air filled with the invisible and innumerable grains, the sea where the universe flows, the earth upon which we stand, leaves, and others. ‘A’ will talk about the reasons why we should keep our vital power and life.



2015 Eland Cultural Foundation The first time art college artist chosen for the contest


Private exhibition

2018 Start Vocation, CICA museum, Gyeonggi-do 2

016 arc, Alpha Gallery, Seoul


Group exhibition

2021 NordArt 2021, NordArt, Büdelsdorf (soon)


2017 A Research on Feminist Art Now, Space one, Seoul

2017 New Sensation, Eland space, Seoul

2015 Born of Art Museum, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art front, Seoul

2015 Nevertheless, Alpha Gallery, Seoul

2014 Gravity, Alpha Gallery, Seoul 2013 New Thinking, New Art, Lee Seoul gallery, Seoul

2012 Face to Face, Kim's Art Field museum, Busan

2010 5me展, ohoo gallery, Seoul

2010 4 symbols of element, Namsan gallery, Seoul


Art Fair

2016 ASSYAF, Dongdaemun Design plaza (DDP), Seoul

2015 SPOON ART FAIR, HMA Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul

2011 ASSYAF, HMA Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul



Deokwon Art High school Fine art Sungshin Women's University Fine art



Signal 2

oil on canvas

162.2 x 97.0 cm

Available works



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