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Ivana Bachová 

Artist Statement

1995, Czech Republic

Studies: 2014-2020 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague


I am a Czech painter focusing on the landscape painting. The main interest is in nature herself. I paint it as I see her, feel her and constantly learn from her. I create small painting in plein-air on the place which I depict. Bigger formats are made in the studio where I can focus more on a particular detail.

Lately I have been fascinated by the element of water. I examine ways of its flowing and reasons why it is acting as it is. Water is important for all our lives not just for survival. But it participates in formation of bodies of plants, animals and humans. And it also affects appearance of landscape. So, we can find its marks in everything. - That is something that I want to reflect in my work.




Stream Bělá

oil on canvas

50 x 40 cm


Available works



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