ROSSOCINABRO | available works | Flavia Basiloni | Brazil



           São Paulo, Brazil



mixed media on canvas

cm 63 x 53





The Artist Flavia Basiloni, was early influenced by her father, an Italian descendent, natural painter, and an amateur philosopher. This was key on developing her skills of seeing life thru art with a critical observative perspective. Flavia went on building up her repertoire of images and feelings. After 5 years of an Architecture BS at a University in São Paulo, she considerably changed her views of the art world. She became more passionate, and extrovert, about all the visual arts. Flavia was varying moments of more and less production. In 2018, after a personal tragedy, she deeply, once again, re-though her art feelings. She has expanded her views and dimensions of art. She has become much more enthusiastic and realistic of all aspects of painting.


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