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  Cristina Bazán Sánchez



Ensueño (The dream)

oil on canvas

50 x 40 cm

Astucia (The cunning)

oil on canvas

50 x 40 cm


La extravagancia (extravagance)

oil on canvas

50 x 40 cm




I make castles to represent the deepest dreams. Yes, I'm a dreamer, but I don't think that's bad. Since we are little we hear things such as "let's see if you mature", "you have little birds on your head", "you should put your feet on the ground", and we grow, gradually abandoning those dreams that once filled us with magic. Then we become those who say the same things that were constantly repeated to us, living a life that is far from what we thought we were in youth.

But isn't it true that for a desire to come true it must first be born in our mind and then be able to recreate it in reality? How can you know that your dream is too big, too ambitious, and too crazy? The limits are set by you. Don't let anyone influence you; for remember that only the one who has no wings will tell you that you cannot fly either.

"Life is a dream within a dream" (Rhonda Byrne)



In addition to painting female figures, animals are something I love to capture in my works. On this occasion I represent a fox wanting to allude to cunning; for it requires this to make the animals come to you of their own free will without invading their individual space.

Animals are part of our natural environment and it is our responsibility, as we are at the top of the food chain, to ensure that they live in this world. We must seek harmony between humans, fauna and flora. I am not saying that we must necessarily follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, simply that we respect those who are below, since this is also their world and without them we would not do anything. There is life in every being, every plant, every rock; if you are able to see this, you will see the beauty of the entire universe.

"Until you have loved an animal, a part of your soul will remain asleep." (Anatole France)



La extravagancia

Almost all our lives we have been told that vanity is a sin, a bad thing we have to avoid; what they didn't warn us is that we shouldn't confuse it with self-love.

Vanity is not looking at anyone above you. Self-love is having all the confidence that no one is better or worse than you, it is having self-confidence. Acceptance and absolute forgiveness towards your person.

The peacock is dressed in beautiful and striking colors so that when it is exhibited to what will be its partner, it is totally dumbfounded with its beauty.

Human beings function in a similar way, when we dress well, clean ourselves and even prepare ourselves mentally, our confidence rises so much that it is almost impossible not to succeed in the task.

 The perception we have of ourselves is the perception that others will have of you. If you feel safe, others will see you like this. If you have to motivate yourself by dressing in such ways it's okay, use that impulse to trust yourself, have that security, and look beautiful; someday you will need nothing to look like this and your self-love will be infinite.

When you feel good about yourself unconsciously your being rises and nothing and no one can change the perception you show.

"The worst loneliness is not being comfortable with yourself" (Mark Twain).

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