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Axel Becker 

Artist Statement

The artist Axel Becker was born on December 15, 1965 in Frankfurt / Main. He has a degree in business administration and has been a passionate artist for over 20 years. In summer 2018, Axel Becker worked as a master student with the well-known art professor and sculptor Josip Diminić, and worked in his studios in Labin and Diminići. He has exhibited his works nationally and internationally (Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Switzerland and Slovenia) in galleries and museums. Axel Becker is an artist member of the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart. At the International Competition of Zagreb Art he was awarded the International Competition 3rd award (see video) in October 2019 and at the 31st Stuttgart Art Exhibition 2019 he was awarded by the Mayor of Culture of the City of Stuttgart. Axel Becker qualified for the Biennale in Florence / Italy in 2021.

Axel Becker developed his personal handwriting with mostly three-dimensional images in a minimalist style. Hereby he wants to set an effective contrast to the world overloaded with information. The images bring the viewer back to a few memorable objects that focus the viewer's gaze on the individual work of art. His art is an effective contrast to today's information overload. Simple, clear and artistically demanding. He also creates sculptures made of plastic, ceramic and bronze.

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Axel Becker had a variety of exhibitions at home and abroad, among others:

2013: Labin / Galerija Alvona (Croatia) - Time for Wine - solo exhibition

2014: Kelkheim / Atelier 2 B (Germany) - Color Emotion - solo exhibition

2015: Kelkheim / Atelier 2 B (Germany) - Art Tour Istra - solo exhibition

2016: Kelkheim / Atelier A (Germany) - The fifth element - water - solo exhibition

2017: Kelkheim Atelier A (Germany) - The fourth element metal - solo exhibition

2018: Labin (Croatia) - City Museum Labin - Elements Water / Metal - solo exhibition

2018: Florence (Italy) - Galleria d'Arte Montana - with Mirta Diminic Dimensioni parallel

2018: Kelkheim Atelier A (Germany) - Elements - solo exhibition

2019: Monreale / Sicily (Italy) - Monumental and Museum Complex "Ex Monastero dei Benedettini", Municipal Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art "Giuseppe Sciortino" - solo exhibition Elements

2019: Bogensperg near Ljubliana (Slovenia): Museum in Bogensperg Castle - solo exhibition - 3D

2019: Art Fair Zagreb (Croatia): Art Fair - Elements in 3D

2019: 31st Stuttgart Art Exhibition 2019 in Stuttgart (Germany)

2020: Neue Art -Art Fair Dresden 2020 in Dresden (Germany)

2020: Croatian Consulate General Stuttgart – values (Germany) – solo exhibition

2020: Art Box Barcelona – Galerie Valid World Hall (Spain)

2020: Art Box Zürich (Swizerland)



Transcending the illusion

acrylic on canvas

160 x 40 cm

Available works




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