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Naqiba Bergefurt   

Artist statement

Painting, my painting, what is it, what happens? it is like a river. So many small, hidden streams come from the mountain, come together somewhere, come out of there shadows and become one flow, clearly visible. This life inside of me, these feelings, inspirations, intuitions, unconscious, unseen. By connecting with them, giving them space and form, colour them, I bring them outside of me and I am surprised. Gorgious! Then again connecting with what is happening and develloping on the canvas, I become the viewer. No judgement! I try to see, to be aware of what is happening there. My hands act spontaniously and seem to know what they have to do. Surrender.

Beauty or ugliness, good or bad, doesn’t matter. What matters is: is this true? Is this the original me? Is this what is needed in the moment? As long as I am wondering this is fine.

Jump into the unknown. Oneness of doing and being. Darkness or light. Both? Harmony or struggle. What if they come together, if they meet. What is this picture telling me, asking from me? A dialogue starts and goes on till the moment I feel: This is what is meant to be said.

The flow. I am in it and go with it. You can go against it.

Do your own thing. This is what happens all around us. All these monsters. Pollution, technology, artificial living, colourless. Repeating blocks, drought, shortage of breath, stoned life. Primeval forests destroyed. The natural flow is inhibited, encapsulated, broken.

Our home, the planet, our mother with all her wonderful species is threatened.

This is my theme: our struggle. To show this in the form of art.

But the dream as well, the hope for a breakthrough, Back to finding again Holiness, Love, Unity.

Naqiba Bergefurt is autodidact. She is painting since she was 12. And exhibits her art since 1984. Naqiba studied pedagogy and art therapy at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. She lives and works in Amsterdam.


(Recent) Exhibitions and awards

2019 Nov: Solo exhibition Gallery-café Eylders, Amsterdam

2019 May-Sept: Particip. Anima Mundi festival, Its Liquid International Art, the Room, Venice

2018 Solo Kijk-kunst Gallery, Amsterdam

2017 Aug. Rottercdam International Art fair.

2017 May: Leydan Award Exhibition, Leydan Gallery, Windsor, Canada

2017 March: Solo exhibiton, Amstel Church , Amsterdam

2016 Award: Contemporaries at the city of Uffizi, Florence.

2015 Award: Sandro Botticelli Prize, Florence, Italy

2015 Solo: Willem de Zwijger Church, Amsterdam

2015 Particip. State of the art, Estoril Municipal Art Gallery, Estoril, Portugal

2014 Solo: Community Center “’ de Meevaart”’ Amsterdam

2013 Sept: Partic. Attic Art, Gallery Stok, Den Bosch, the Netherlands.

2013 June: Solo at Community Center, Five talents, Amsterdam 2012 Dec: Particip. Cornucopic Eye Illuminations, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York

2011 Particip. On the Edge, Galleria di Marchi, Bologna. Italy



oil on canvas

80 x 60 cm

Available works




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