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Oleg Bregman 

I'm inspired by the human's aesthetics, face expressions, postures, etc. Not necessarily from the erotic point of view, but mostly as I said, I adore the aesthetic. When I see a figure, a frame, a sketch or a real person, I'm not only trying to duplicate what I see, rather, create an ideal reality that includes both what is in front of my eyes, and what I feel about it. A suggestion to a new reality. My art is influenced by the expressioniosm genre, early 1900 art movements in Germany and across europe, Post impressionism, and artists such as Van Gogh, alongside Mattisse, Cezzane, Modigliani. From later period artists: Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, and later such as Peter Doig. I perceive the figure as the subject matter. I work mostly with oil on canvas, and with mixed media techniques to centralize the figure and blur the background. For example, I try to emphasize expression in order to add "layers" of interpretations, amplify a moment or emotion, or create an allegory to some idea. From the beginning of my journey as an artist, I have interested in the human figure and portraiture, and in time and experience my technique evolved. In my early 20' I started to paint, and think of visual art. Later I studied fine art in Bezalel academy of art and design, Jerusalem (2011-2014). There I received a prize for a series of engraving (woodcut prints) works (2013). In the past three years, I work on a series of paintings, trying to create figures integrated into a landscape, or interiors around me, whether it is nature or urban landscape.


By the window

oil on canvas

60 x 80 cm

Available works




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