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  Glenys Buzza [ see other similar works ]

         Black Rock, Victoria, Australia



charcoal on paper

79 x 59 cm (framed)

Day Dreamer

charcoal on paper

58 x 81 cm (framed)




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Artist Statement

Art for me is the expression of all that I can see, hear and feel.

I am currently exploring figurative drawing of the human form. Charcoal on paper is, for me, the soul of all media. Faced with a sheet of beautiful white paper and a stick of willow charcoal there are no escape routes, no ways to disguise, no distractions such as colour, and no second chances. Just a purity.

The paper can be soft and yielding or hard and brittle, smooth or textured, and the charcoal can glide or drag over it or crumble into it. Fingers can explore the possibilities.

Add the model into this mix – so much more than muscles, skin and bones. Empathy with the model, with the desire to depict the unadorned human form, with no costumes or background to seduce the eye, is paramount. Together you strive to make a work of art and suggest a meaning or mystery to it. How exciting to draw a line, black on white, and start the journey! I feel drawn to something or someone and the creative juices start to flow. I particularly like working with handmade, organic papers and materials.

My artwork changes with the passage of time. I painted abstracted gouache paintings of wildlife in a genre which is notoriously realistic for some years. I explored what I call ‘creative photography’, and more recently I draw the human figure. The common thread is a love of line. Line can say anything, or everything.


Selected Awards and Exhibitions:

Glenys Buzza AFC Artists for Conservation: Signature Member of this Worldwide Foundation



2021: Invitation to exhibit in the “Venice International Art Fair 2021” Italy, organised by ‘ItsLiquid Group’.

2021: Invitation to exhibit in the “Barcelona International Art Fair 2021”, Spain.

2020: Circle Foundation for the Arts, Lyon, France. Distinction for figurative work in C.F.A. virtual exhibition-“Art in the time of Coronavirus & Social Distancing” 2020: PAKS Galleries, Vienna, Austria

2006: Invitation Group Exhibition, Guangzhou International Art Fair, SOUTHERN CHINA, Australian Pavilion. Authorized by the National Ministry of Culture, People’s Republic of China.

2003: Invitation Group Exhibition, IV Centuries of Birds in Art Exhibit, Clarke Galleries, VERMONT, & touring FLORIDA, & NEW YORK CITY, USA, Glenys’ work representing free expression.

2002: Invitation Group Exhibition, Fathom Wildlife Conservation, International Art Expo, NEW YORK

2000: Selected for Faber-Castell Australian Wildlife Exhibition, STEIN, GERMANY.



2008: Finalist for The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, South Australian Museum, AUSTRALIA 2008: Finalist International Exhibition of Nature in Art, Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, USA

2007: Finalist Corangamarah Art Prize ‘Conceit’ 07 AUSTRALIA

2005: Finalist for The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, South Australian Museum. Highly Commended. Included in the awarded works for exhibiting at the National Archives, CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA



2014: "Inspiration Wild. Historical Perspectives & Future Challenges." By Anita Pisch BA(Hons)UNSW, MCDArtDes(COFA). Foreword by Professor Sasha Grishin AM, FAHA. Wildlife Art Museum of Australia.

2014: "Inspiration Wild. An Artistic Celebration of Nature and Environment." A selection of internationally recognised artists from Australasia, their essays and works. Wildlife Art Museum of Australia.

2006: Permission given for printing a painting in the journal “World Literature Today”, January 2006 issue, published by the University of Oklahoma, USA

2000: Published in “Feather & Brush” Three Centuries of Australian Bird Art, by Dr Penny Olsen. One of 35 contemporary artists represented



2003: Japanese Acquisition for Sister City in VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA

2003: Toyota Acquisition, Altona Head Office, AUSTRALIA Represented in Private collections worldwide



2006: Bronze Medal Award, Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Finalists Exhibition MELBOURNE

2003: Gold Medal Award, Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Exhibition, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

1999 & 2000 : Micador Award for Best Watercolour, Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Annual Exhibition,



2014: Invitation Shared Exhibition, Wildlife Art Museum of Australia, Melbourne.

2009: Solo Exhibition, Au natural, Drawing the Nude, The Convent Gallery, DAYLESFORD, AUSTRALIA

2009 to 2020: Continuous small yearly exhibitions. The Convent Gallery, DAYLESFORD, AUSTRALIA

2003 to 2010: An exhibiting core artist at Makers Mark, Collins Street, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

2001: Solo Exhibition, Art Affairs Gallery, CARLTON, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

2002: Solo Exhibition, Art Affairs Gallery, CARLTON, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

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