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Joy Caloc 

Artworks made by the hand of Lady Joy Caloc is a deployment of a divine spirit made of joyful colors and a book of any vision achieved by her almighty God. She defends the JC nation all over the international networks. And yes, she was born in Paris, 1983 in a place where no faith shall be allowed. Let's praise this blessing more ! Believe in your faith for catching the light that her blood gives with colors in the eggs and the oil that she uses for shouting out the Truth. We make all in order around her "jass" with your criminal wish to buy it. Many years since her 4th years old are not enough to explain you that anything with her paintbrush is possible to be drawn into skies: giving art business lessons, techniques of painting or drawing, portraits and decorative gifts, numerous orders on walls, shoes, tshirts or canvas and so on for the world can believe that her name erases sadness from your eyes.


Rendez-vous Crème Brûlée

oil on canvas

46 x 38 cm


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