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Roderick Camilleri 

Roderick Camilleri is an artist based in Malta who is interested in the relationship between the ‘subject’ and the ‘object’. He explores the connection between man and the environment, disclosing implicit notions about existence and life. His body of work explores notions such as ‘ecological justice’ and the ‘post-natural condition’. His creative approaches tease out philosophical concepts related to human existence, and man’s role and place in nature. He is also intrigued by materiality eco-aesthetics and experimental aesthetics. His constant artistic research deploys new materials, experimenting with different media and processes. His preferred media are painting, etching and installation. However, his interdisciplinary artistic practice delves into an array of visual possibilities, using various fields of research. Camilleri’s artistic work has been showcased and featured in numerous shows, art fairs, art institutions and galleries in different countries. Roderick Camilleri studied Philosophy, Art and Art History at the University of Malta, and holds a B.A. (2010) and an M.A. (2015). He attended various professional development programmes, furthering his research and artistic practice at international institutions such as the Royal Academy of Arts (London), Slade University (London), and at various professional studios in Edinburgh, Rome, and Marrakesh, amongst others. He is also a curator and artistic director, directing various local and international events such as iMprint III (Malta Society of Arts, MALTA), Organic (ITALY), Traces (Dusetos Art Centre, LITHUANIA), Man-Made (the NETHERLANDS), ‘Aghti Kbir Alla’ (Spazju Kreattiv, MALTA), Anima (Malta Society of Arts, MALTA), and Perception (Malta Society of Arts, MALTA), amongst many others. Camilleri is also the Artistic Director of AMuSE, an international art project focusing on materiality and multi-sensorial art, led by the Malta Society of Arts, selected and co-funded by the European Commission – comprising four international partners from the Netherlands (HANZE University), Italy (Terre dei Savoia), Lithuania (DCC) and Malta (the MSA). He is currently the Vice-President of the Malta Society of Arts; and works as an art educator, teaching studio-practice and theory at the Malta School of Art in Valletta.


Sprouts - Etching - A la Poupee

etchings - etching oil-based ink on Fabriano Rosaspina 285gsm paper

70 x 50 cm

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