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Helen Canetta 

Artist Statement

My creativity often leads me to the edge of the figurative and the non-figurative abstract world, luring me back and forth across this delicate divide on my artistic journey.

Abstract is the art form which speaks to me the loudest; it abides to no rules and it stands alone as an art form which allows anything to come to life. Abstract art leads the viewers and painters alike on a thrilling path of discovery where the rational mind no longer dictates how things are or should be and where everything is palpable and resonates if only we allow ourselves the freedom to stop thinking.

More than ever, the mind desperately craves a reprieve or harbor, a safe and fun playground of its very own without rules to abide by. Abstract art represents the utmost level of freedom attainable.

Of French and Hungarian origin, I grew up outside of Paris, France until I moved to the United States in my late teens. A self-taught artist who started as a pencil drawing enthusiast then as a devoted abstract collage artist. I am today an acrylic painter residing in the Boston, Massachusetts area in the USA.

Texture has become a key element to my work even with purely non-figurative pieces and is a key element in setting the tone of each piece. Working each canvas with layers and edges is essential in order to give each work its proper grit and texture.

My favorite Master Painters include Egon Schiele, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Willem De Kooning, Kees van Dongen, Marc Chagall as well as contemporary maestros like German sculptor and painter Anselm Kiefer for their bold and audacious vision, the vigor and melancholy injected in their timeless work.



Inner voice

acrylic paint and oil pastels on canvas

91,5 x 91.5 cm

Available works




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