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  Yenny Carruyo [ see other similar works ]

         Miami, USA


Black gold

Iron, Plasma cut, Powder coat paint, Galvanized Wire - hand braided

28 x 39 x 13.97 cm

Boy biking

Iron, Plasma cut, Powder coat paint, Galvanized Wire - hand braided

28 x 39 x 13.97 cm



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Artist Statement

Art expresses the depth that cannot be explained with words, it shows what my soul wants to portray. I identify myself as an artist of movement trying to attain illusion of motion to stationary objects, made into dynamics shapes and abstract forms. By the use of string, I attempted to imply the dynamics of movement that is not evident to the naked eyes, strings draw the interconnection of the individual, with himself and with the other, with the masculine and feminine aspect of the self. I love to transform the roughness and coldness of the metal by hugging it with textile or wire strings. The first shows strength and the later give soft harmony. I like the process of transformation, the way every piece comes to live and the emotions of my sculpture will evoque in another person. Originally from Maracaibo-Venezuela, I moved to The United States in 2.009, here is where I found my real passion for Visual art as a way to express my true self. This road took me to immerse in the learning of metalsmith and small metals, soldering, welding and mix media, taking classes at FIU and the Boca Raton Museum, Miami-Florida. I have a bachelor degree in Business, profession that I now combine with my passion for art.



2021 On Life, Rossocinabro Gallery Rome

2021 Arte Collective Gallery, Hamptons, NY

2020 Art West Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, FL

2020 DCOTA/ Arte Collective Gallery. Dania Beach, FL

2020 Art Collective. The Hamptons, New York

2019 30th Aniversary Season Preview. ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale, FL

2019 Art House Watch Case. New York, NY

2019 Red dot(Art Basel Miami) Miami, Florida

2019 SOFA Chicago. Chicago, Illinois

2019 Arthouse New York. NY

2019 Market Art + Design (the Bridge Hampton Museum)

2019 Art in unexpected places/ Intercontinental Miami. Miami Florida

2019 Art West Palm Beach. West Palm Beach, Florida

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