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  Eliana Carvidón [ see other similar works ]

         Montevideo, Uruguay, South America


Sometimes my soul lives at the bottom of the sea

mixed media on canvas

48 x 68,5 cm


The Polar Circle

mixed media on canvas

48 x 70 cm






Artist Statement

My artworks arise from a personal reflection of the human being, his nature, his vulnerability and his survival ability related to a universe with challenges, mysteries and what we believe to be certainties. My research about these issues is crosscutting along all my artworks in its different thematic series that I've been developing through time.




The nature from within

The artworks of this art series arise from a personal reflection of the human being, his circumstances and his destiny from the point of view of the surrounding nature. There's a willingness to read the nature and animals processes as a parallelism of the inner circumstances of the human being.


Music, films & TV series

The artworks of this art series are inspired by other artists like musicians or film makers and TV series that made the difference in my inner feelings and thinking and therefore in my paintings.


Art Studies

• National Institute of Fine Arts, University of the Republic (2 years)

• Museo Torres García's painting courses. Teacher Rodrigo Fló (3 years)

• Carlos Musso's painting courses (oil & ink investigation, some months)

• Pottery courses: Pezzino's courses (1 year), Micaela Perera Diaz's courses (rakú & gres techniques; sculpture) (7 years), Keramikos courses - Marcello Perotti (1 year)



• 2th. & 4th. National Meeting of Potters (2010 & 2014), organized by Colectivo Cerámica Uruguay

• Mariana Soler y Beatriz Cabezas' s Workshop


Painting Exhibitions (some of them)

Solo Shows

• 2019 (Mar. 12 – Apr. 5): CREATURES - FUCAC Cultural Center. Montevideo, Uruguay

• 2016 (Sept. 13 – Oct. 27): SPLIT – National Library of Uruguay


Group Exhibittions


(Jul. 27 - 31): sheduled exhibition in Artifact Gallery, Nueva York, USA


Jul. 10 - 30: invited for “Latitudes” virtual art show curated by Arcadia Centro de Artes

May 25 - 31: selected for "Reflections" virtual art show curated by The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK

May: Selected for the 2nd. edition of "Seasons" online art show curated by Grey Cube Gallery

Apr. 15 – Jul. 14: selected for the 3rd. edition of "Into the Wild" online art show curated by Fusion Art Gallery

March: selected for “Alive” online art show curated by Gallery Ring

Feb. – Mar. 18: 2nd. edition of "Seasons" online art show curated by Art Room Gallery


selected for II Biennial of International Festival of Colonia (online exhibition because of Covid-19

2019 (3– 12 Jan.): International exhibition “Ovo Art” in Enjoy Conrad Resort & Casino. Punta del Este, Uruguay

2018 (8– 17 Nov.): selected for I Biennial of International Festival of Colonia. Bastión del Carmen Cultural Center, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

2014 (Nov. 14 – Dec. 4): Collective painting exhibition at Torres García’s Museum. Montevideo, Uruguay


Art Contests

• 2021: o Award of Merit for "The Polar Circle" artwork in "Alive" online art show curated by Gallery Ring. o Selected for the exhibitions mentioned above: “Reflections” virtual art show (The Holy Art Gallery), “Seasons” online art show, 2nd. ed. (Grey Cube Gallery), “Into the Wild” online art show, 3rd. ed., “Seasons” online art show (Art Room Gallery), 2nd. ed.

• 2020: selected for the online exhibition in the II Biennial of Colonia International Festival. Jury: Barbara Duval, Cliffton Peacock. Jan D'Esopo.

• 2020: selected for an interview by the team of curators of the international magazine The Artists Corner

• 2019: selected for a solo show “Creatures” in FUCAC Cultural Center

• 2018: selected for the exhibition in the I Biennial of Colonia International Festival, Jury: Nelson Di Maggio, Barbara Duval, Enrique Graf. Curator: Cliffton Peacock. Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

• 2017 - 2019: reviewed by the following international magazines: o 1340 Art Magazine, n. 7, Jan. 2018, p. 22 o OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters. 25th. Sept. 2018 o CreativPaper, v. 1, n. 12, Dec. 2018, p. 36 - 39 o CreativPaper, n. 13, Mar. 2019, p. 28 -29

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