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  Laura Casini

           Geneva, Switzerland


Ancient wisdom

acrylic on canvas

cm 80 x 80

Keep in moving

acrylic on canvas

cm 80 x 80




Laura Casini, a chromatic poetess, as she describe herself, is a sensitive artist who brings in her creations a strong, deep sense of aliveness and life force inviting the soul of the watcher to experience and embody different sort of emotions.

Light, color, movement (the essential elements of the life itself) permeate and animate all her creations. Structural abstract paintings multidirectional to be seen through all your senses to constantly be surprised by their shadow/light effects and the light changing of the pigment used . Her paintings, like sculptures are mini universes merging and dancing in you.

“My art is a Soul guided artistic expression of the energy of an emotion (from a word, an intimate conversation, a song...). I love to use a huge amount of paint to create textures and stone effects. Most of my creations have to be touched and felt. My Art generate a deep inner connection with your subconscious. Being «alive», they interact with yourself, communicating with your senses. My pieces express an evident strength and sensuality. They will open your senses to your strength, feelings of sensuality and freedom at the same time. A primal sense of lifeforce. Welcome in my Universe“.


Laura Casini was born in Geneva, Switzerland on July 16.07.1971. In her younger years, Laura lived and studied in Rome, Italy.

Now, Laura lives in Geneva, Switzerland. Laura has always been a deep, sensible, spiritual Being. In her deep feeling ability as an empath, she learned to be in touch with her emotions and an inner feeling guidance. Laura says, “to me, emotions are the color of life.” In early 2016 Laura participated in a week-end painting workshop. This event was held in the atelier of a spiritual teacher and a teacher of aquarelle. This was the beginning of a new chapter in Laura’s life. At first the painting experience was a source of frustration and dissatisfaction. In fact, she felt incapable of painting with everybody watching and noticed at the end of the first exercise that she was more fluid in her movement with a bandage covering her eyes. The end result of this atelier experience was a spiritual reading of the painting and a new way of allowing herself to be free. It was the onset to starting her abstract drawings and painting work. With time Laura started to use acrylic colors and her artistic activation was revealed. She started to paint regularly as a meditative moment with herself and her fluidity. By the end of 2016 Laura established her first exhibition. Her work drew attention. Her work was published on galleries. The next gallery to contact Laura was the Esart Gallery in Barcelona. She participated in two consecutive showings and was rewarded twice by an international jury. Continuously the Rosso Cinabro gallery in Rome with whom Laura had participated in the Italian Contemporary Day gallery was in collaboration with the Contemporary Roman Museums of Contemporary Art. She then was discovered by Wendy Lauwers, the main organizer of events in Monaco and Laura began a deep participation in her collective exhibitions. One of Laura’s pieces has been selected by “vente of enchères" organized by the ‘Femmes Leaders Mondiales Monaco,’ held in the presence of the Princess Stefanie of Monaco in April 2019. Her spiritual path and empathy are surely the elements that drive her artistic work. Indeed her art evokes an emotion and her creations are made for people who are looking for a spiritual piece that offer a spiritual and inspirational message.


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