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Lidia Chaplin 

Artist Statement

I was born and raised in Russia, so I was influenced by Russian culture, especially in the field of sci-fi literature and the futuristic movement, as well as the scientific background of my family, in which every member, including me, has a degree in physics. Therefore, creating my works including photography, sculptures, and paintings, I focus on science rather than fantasy. My practice explores the logic of living forms existence through the careful examination of their micro-space in the context of global macro-space to determine the role of “human” with its connections or contra-position to “in-/non-/against human”.



cardboard, fiber, insulation foam, resin, paint

55 x 40 x 40 cm



Subjected to experiments is a reference to the Zoo Hypothesis, expressed by radio astronomer John Ball in 1973, according to which there are advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, but they do not want to interfere with the evolution of mankind and observe earthlings, keeping them in a zoo, as people look at animals placed in a nature reserve. We all are subjected to experiments.




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