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  Karen Chappelow





Jupiter gets a tatt

arylic and ink on canvas

100 x 90 cm


Ganys mead

arylic and ink on canvas

100 x 90 cm

Ledas soft cloak

arylic and ink on canvas

100 x 90 cm



In this myth, Leda, a beautiful princess and wife of the King of Sparta (she would later become mother of Helen of Troy), was seduced by Zeus in the guise of a swan who nestled into her trying to avoid an eagle. After the rape she laid 2 eggs, resulting in 4 children-2 associated with Jupiter/Zeus and 2 from her husband the King of Sparta. In my reimagining of the myth, Leda ends Zeus' life and dons him as a cloak - a second skin in which to live and thrive in.



Europa, another moon of Jupiter, earnt her place in the solar system by being abducted by Jupiter/Zeus disguised as a bull. Europa's father owned a cattle herd and she was comfortable amongst the herd. One day Europa stroked the hindquarters of a white bull who laid down at her feet. She slid on the back of the bull and Zeus instantly absconded with her through the oceans to Crete where he took her. She bore him 3 sons. Europe, Euro, the metal Europium (EU) - a rare earth element whose empirical number is 63 - were all named after her. So I have turned the myth on its head and made Europa the protagonist who has just branded Jupiter/Zeus with her brand- thus becoming her property with the symbol EU63.



This tale in mythology revolves around Zeus/Jupiter who turns himself into an eagle to seduce Ganymede, a beautiful young man. Zeus/Jupiter abducts Ganymede to be his lover and wine server, as is his want - the powerful god that he is. In mythology often an elder man would present a young lover he fancied with a cockerel as a gift to sweeten the deal. Thus, my referencing Birdy Num Nums as fodder for Jupiter/Zeus' bird food from one of my favourite movies “The Party". I have, of course, overturned this myth and have Ganymede enjoying the wine himself - which is also labelled Ganys Mead and not for anybody else.

Zeus is captured and held captive on his stand, and is now property of Ganymede. In the solar system Jupiter's largest moon is Ganymede reflecting this myth and I have included many stars and moons around them.

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