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  Jean Cherouny



Teeming 2

acrylic, ink on paper

50 x 50 cm

Yearning 3

acrylic, ink on paper

50 x 50 cm



acrylic, ink on canvas

11,76 x 109,22 cm



“I make rollerblade painted textured, large layered paintings with stenciled like, stitched paint marks from tools showing evidence of time. I use my recycled rollerblades to paint. Time spent painting together and alone is the result of a shared experience creating evidence of construction in making art. My progression starts with layers, textured, unidentifiable marks and evolves with shape identification from a collective idea. This abstraction contains references to the absurdly odd, playful parts of nature and color relationships. Live performance paintings are environments at parks and street side corners with people. Then painting in my studio I am driven to keep painting from the energy that is performed. I create painted original, layered, texture with a stenciled overlay to show a sharper contrast of foreground and background. The speed of my wheel rolls the paint and then morphs into scraped paint. I use my menagerie of wheeled tools. Mostly by working with others I commit to evolving my experimentation with different tools. The laser cutter is another tool to create stenciled shapes. In my controlled effort to paint layers appearing like stitched grass I overlay fibonacci propagating “forms” in my social/science experiment.”




Jean Cheoruny 1966.

My earliest art lessons as a child inspired my interest in color. I became curious about painting and became an art inventor. Born out of artists and publishers, The Cherouny Press, NYC, I spent my youth at Displaycraft, Bristol, CT, a family business. My love of moving led me to skiing competitively, then mountain biking professionally, and then my invention of abstract wheel painting with my rollerblades. I enjoyed the reminiscent feeling of skiing while working the surface of a painting below my wheels. I graduated from the University of Vermont in Art Education (1991) Magna Cum Laude and went on to pursue my MFA degree, graduating from Johnson State College in 2010.

I met Louise Bourgeois to discuss my form of expression in paint -“rollerblade painting” in 2008. I remember we discussed my need for “making direct marks”. Performing against family female norms became a theme for me to explore deeply. I first performed live with rollerblade painting at the Burlington, Vermont 2011 Art Hop. In 2016, I participated with the Global Arts Agency in the Netherlands, where I engaged my audience as a paint performer using my wheels as my painting tools. This fall I have a show at Exposicion De Pinas, Philippines.

The “Anew” show with Inclusive Arts Vermont, to share my unique intelligence with paint. I did an artist's video with Hiedi Swevens that made me appreciate my neurodiversity. Later it was suggested by another artist that I work with other artists to create different suits during our bi-weekly studio shares. This is expanding into new worlds of relationships and co-creating online. A show about creativity and identity in the pandemic, “Improv Suits” culminated in my largest collaborative project overseas at Bubec Studio, CZ in May 2020. I continue to develop my art with people at large but the influences that are strong are with the Czech Republic at Studio Bubec and in Johnson, Vermont at the Vermont Studio Center with fellow artists and professionals form The Generator, Burlington, VT USA with whom I continue to work. I have my home with loved ones in Winooski, Vermont.

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