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  Dénes Csasznyl [ see other similar works ]

         Budapest, Hungary


Fargment of beauty


43 x 20 x 14 cm


bronze with wooden pedestal

80 x 15 x 21 cm





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Artist Statement


The idea of perfect beauty lives in all of us, we can imagine it, we can see it with our spiritual eyes, but we can never grasp it - we are not able to draw or paint it, describe it or put it in a sculpture. However, we notice the details of BEAUTY within everything - we can grasp only its fragments and and shape them in an artwork thereby approaching materially to the Sacral. During the creation of the Fragment of Beauty, I wanted to catch the perfect ina an imperfect - fragmented - way I wanted to reflect the Whole, while giving everyone the freedom to find Their Entire One.



Connectivity, relationships, effects, impressions. The woman and the man can connect to each other in many way, just as they need it: turning to each other and listening to each other, standing next to each other as partners, supporting each other from the background, defending each other - these attitudes can be expressed by variating the position of the man and the female figure. The woman and the man can see themselves in each others while their relationship is influenced by the environment, by other people, by the outside world - just as the enviroment reflects on the polished figures. The deepest layers of the relationship between a woman and a man are hidden, sometimes it is not clear to them either what impressions they leave within each other, how they help and how they hurt each other - this is symbolized by the torsos.

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