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           Breda, The Netherlands


Don't forget about the Magic Don't forget about the Soul

photopaper on dibond

cm 71,30 x 50

I climbed over Mountains to bring you my Love

photopaper on dibond

cm 50 x 71.30






Artist Statement

I'm not strong I'm not calm I'm not brave I am human Nothing more then human


The paintings, photography, poems and performances of Tessa de Swart (The Netherlands, 1984) are shown an inner world of experiences and feelings. These are personal but at the same time universal feelings like heartbreak, longing and hope. The various of media come also together in layered photographic images as can been seen in this exhibition. These images she create during a 3-month winter stay in the abandoned Verzasca valley of Switzerland. The works of Tessa de Swart has sizes from 30 x 40 cm up to 3 x4 metre.


Meta Knol, Director of Museum De lakenhal, Leiden wrote about her work:


If you want true passion, you need to be with Tessa de Swart (1984). She has no limits on expression. By shamelessly showing her own emotions she appeals to our own shame. Whoever looks at her work cannot suppress some embarrassment. Everything screams fragility and helplessnes. The need for salvation is great, but it is not fulfilled: "Hold me, free me, take me, drink me, trust me" can be read in her work. All the floodgates are open. Tessa de Swart scratches her cries on paper, chalks her longing on bridges and streets, writes away like a madwoman. She exaggerates, overwrites herself, eliminates herself, imposes herself. Temptation, the heart, the sea, the body, the pain, the hope, it all passes by. But you sense that it is a hopeless story, and that is what makes this work so poignant. Fortunately, her despair is of a touching honesty. And of a naivety that sometimes surmise some irony. Although she makes visual art, text seems to be the main conductor of her emotions. It is easy to unhook from this form of unbridled honesty, but let's not forget that she reveals a passion that is present in many, if not all of us, and that we generally manage to cover with a fine layer of outer cover.The work of Tessa de Swart is thereby also a recognizable ode to the human defect. 


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