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  Patricia Delorme [ see other similar works ]

         Montmeyran, France



acrylic on canvas

54 x 65 cm



acrylic on canvas

100 x 81 cm






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Born in Africa, I was a high level disabled sportswoman, I am also the mother of two daughters and by passion I ride in a sidecar ... My first part of professional life I devoted to the professional reclassification of vulnerable public, to training and human resources. Today, a professional artist, I am based in the south of France, and soothed by a rich exploration of my inner self, I now let painting and sculpture fill my life. I exhibit in France and abroad through personal and group exhibitions and art fairs.



Letting go, an intuitive, fast approach and a spontaneous use of colors are my driving forces in the creativity phase.

Imbued with stories, secrets ... and inspired by nature, I create landscapes that are only the fruit of my imagination and my emotional worlds. I paint in acrylic on a canvas frame. All my creations are 100% imaginary.

They are neither copied in kind, nor in photography.

Lots of landscapes with flamboyant colors, a hazy atmosphere giving a particular vibration, a fade rendered by faded colors, from the figurative to the limit of abstraction ... an invitation to an inner journey.


Selected Exhibitions

2022 Exhibition in Gallery HEXALERIE-Paris-France, SIAC International Contemporary Art Fair Marseille-France, MAG Montreux Art Gallery-Suisse

2021 Exhibitions in Galleries ART&CO, VUE SUR COURS, PICTURA - France

International Festival of Contemporary Art « The Butterflies », Exhibition of XXL canvas suspended in the city of Carpentras – France Group exhibitions: Chapelle St Etienne de Beaune, Chemin des artistes Valence – France

2015 Finalist ART OLYMPIA Open Art Competition – TOKYO – Japon, Exhibition « Flowers » - Gallery MONOD – PARIS

2013 Exhibition in 11th Biennial of Animal Sculpture of Rambouillet-France

2012 Exhibition « Pas si bête » Centre CHRISTIANE PEUGEOT – PARIS, Contemporary Art Fair « ARTOULOUSE », « Z en l’Air Paris » -France

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