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  Sophie Donatien [ see other similar works ]

        Fort-de-France, Martinique



The orange fire tree

acrylic and oil on canvas

60 x 60 cm

Red fire tree

acrylic on canvas and collages, coffee capsules and lids

100 x 100 cm

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Born in Fort-de-France ( Martinique ), October 18, 1967



1994-1995 - Diploma of Advanced Studies from the Ecole du Louvre Dissertation The meal at Simon the Pharisee's ( Veronese, Versailles )

1991-1994 - Diploma of First Cycle of the Ecole du Louvre Specialization: History of Foreign School Painting ( Italy, Flanders, Spain )

1987-1991 - Diploma of the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence ( Italy )


Painting section


Professional Experience

1998-1999 - Interim professor of art history at the IRAVM ( Fort-de-France )

March 2000 - Model of the orientation table of the Montagne Pelée Morne-Rouge, Martinique

October 1999 to December 2018 - Mille Reflets Private workshop of painting lessons - Fort-de-France


Art Exhibitions

October 2021 - ArtShopping PARIS 2021 - Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France Stand of the Beauté du Matin Calme Gallery

October 2021 - Beauté du Matin Calme Gallery - Collective Exhibition Alessandra Viotti, Lisa Ford, Bernard Lambot, Sophie Donatien, Noro Rajaoson, Monique Anna Michel 9, rue Alasseur, Place de Lugano, Village Suisse, 75015 Paris, France

September 2021 - Contemporary Venice - ITSLIQUID International Art Fair The Room Contemporary Art Space - Calle Larga San Marco, Venice, Italy

September 2021 - Virtual Video Exhibition - Effetto Arte Gallery Via Ludovico Ariosto, 19 - Palermo, Italy

August 2021 - Focus on Color of Life London - Focus Art Fair - International Art Fair Fitzrovia Gallery, 139 Whitfield St, London W1T 5EN Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York's HQ, King's Rd, London SW3 4RY London, UK

March 2021 - Gaia, The Origin - International Exhibition M.A.D.S. MILANO Corso S.Gottardo, Milan, Italy - Interactive Multimedia Gallery

October 2020 - Color, Light, Transformation ( Couleur, Lumière, Transformation ) Personal exhibition Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée ( Franco-Japanese Cultural Association ), Paris 1st district

2020 - Selection 2020 of the Salon d'Automne de Paris, France

April 2019 - LIONS CARITATIFS ARTS Villa Chanteclerc - Didier, Martinique, France

2015 - Gallery LA ROSE DE PORCELAINE - Didier, Martinique, France

May 2005 - Chanteclerc - Didier - Martinique, France Soroptimist meeting

March 2005 - Chanteclerc - Didier - Martinique, France Literary meeting " From Solitude to Melody " Marie-Alice André-Jaccoulet

November 2004 - Copying, creating from hindrance to freedom ( Copier, créer. De l’entrave à la liberté ) Collective exhibition with Mille Reflets Hôtel de Région - Cluny - Martinique, France

November 2001 - Regards et métamorphoses ( Gazes and metamorphoses ) Personal exhibition Distillerie Dillon - Fort-de-France - Martinique, France

2000 - Ti-Balcon - Fort-de-France - Martinique, France Ceremony of induction of the Women Entrepreneurs of Martinique

1999 - Chanteclerc - Didier - Martinique, France Concert of Martinique Harmonie With the help of Annick Ozier-Lafontaine ( meeting - painting - music - literature )

1999 - Les Lutins - Didier - Martinique, France Inauguration of Martinique Harmonie

1991 - Trouville’s Casino painting and sculpting contest Trouville - France First Prize for Still Life

1991 - Mostra degli allievi del quarto anno Stamperia Pistelli ( Florence ) - Italy

1991 - 27th International Grand Prix of Painting of the French Riviera ( Nice, France ) Diploma Grand Final

1990 - Salon d'Automne - Grand Palais - Paris, France


Artist statement

« The encounter of two people is similar to the contact of two chimical substances. If there is a reaction, they both transform. » (Carl Gustav Jung)

Inspired by apparently antinomic materials, which give birth to surprising encounters, I create compositions which aim at giving life to matter, through imitation or collage, through the mixing or juxtaposition of elements coming from nature or artifacts. I am in need of mixing, color-blending which relates to my multiple origines, an island of sonority, colors, where the night is inhabitated by tales. In my every day life, beyond selective recycling, I indulge, guided by my emotions, in an improvised domestic sorting based on color, shape or texture. This is a first gathering of materials, completed by the seeds and waste I collect or pick up on my way. I welcome strangeness when it erases normality, but for the sake of a balance which is true to past encounters. The worn out enhances the new, the natural embraces the artificial, the illusory consumes the real, the mundane and the noble mix with each other, in the interplay of brushes which splash or melt, of hammers which wrinkle, of clamps which wring and distort. The glue fixes, and becomes color or matter, among the lids, capsules, plugs, nets, exotic bark, which try to escape the sprayers. The juxtaposition of elements plunges me into the magic of their encounter.


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