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  Andrzej Dudek



The greenest

acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

Beyond limits

acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm



Andrzej Dudek (born 13 October 1989) is a self-taught, emerging artist (with a degree in laboratory analysis) based in Poland. His current artistic practice wasn't so obvious when he started making art, because at the beginning of his artistic journey he was drawing portraits and animals using pencils and soft pastels. After some time he felt like it's not enough for him. He wanted to do something more expressive, more unpredictable, something that can wake up all of the senses and involve the spectators spiritually so they can feel the same emotions that he puts to the artwork. So he decided to try a totally new form to express his thoughts and started to create abstractions, full of colors and various shapes. "Paintings are my manner to show my soul, my interior, my complicated thoughts inside my head".

His paintings were published in February 2022 at "Art Anthology IV: Madrid Edition" an art book showing contemporary art of the artists around the entire world, created by Guto Ajayu Culture in Madrid, Spain. Also he took part in the International Art Fair Anima Mundi 2022 organized by Itsliquid Group in Venice, Italy. His abstractions were shown at the exhibition entitled "Consciousness".

"When I'm working I actually try not to think about the surrounding reality. While I paint a new piece I focus on what I'm doing and keep thinking only about the process of creation, like which palette of colors to use, how to unite them and finally what I want to convey through my artwork. And to not be distracted I usually listen to music, which allows me distance myself from everyday life. My favorite songs make me relaxed and take me to the other dimension of consciousness, so I feel freedom and without any limitation I can immerse myself into the creative process. Art is for me a journey without any certain ending. The whole process of creation can bring you unpredictable final results. And nothing can limit you, while it's all about the colors".

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