ROSSOCINABRO | available works | Amelíe Monira Egenolf | Germany



           Heiligenberg, Germany


Devine colours

mixed media on canvas

cm 70 x 50 x 2

Emotional Wonderland and Emotional Exposure

mixed media on canvas

cm 60 x 30 x 4 each (diptich)




My name is Amelíe Monira Egenolf, I grew up in Germany and lived in New Zealand, Mexico and Venezuela. I’m painting all my life and every piece of art is coming from my heart. With my colorful art I want to express my deeply spiritual feelings and inspirations of my foreign experiences. Love, spirituality, family and nature are the themes of my paintings. By mixing fantasy and realistic elements and the use of bold and dynamic color palettes, my purpose is to create the world more colorful and transport the observer to a place of magic, harmony and beauty. My paintings are in private collections in Ireland, Mexico, USA, Germany, Spain and Canada. I have an own art gallery in South Germany where I expose my paintings



Nov 2020 M.A.D.S. Milano International Contemporary Exhibition, MATER, Italy

July 2021 BAMBOO MEETS ART, self-organized exhibition with 22 artist in Heiligenberg, South Germany

August 2021 M.A.D.S. Milano International Contemporary Exhibition, PARAISO, Italy

September 2021 KUNSTKAUFHAUS, gegensätzlich II, Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

October 2021 Contemporary Venice, Exhibition Future Landscape, Venice, Italy

13 January - 14 February 2022 Galeria Azur Madrid, Eclipse, Spain

28 January - 4 February 2022 State of the Art Exhibition in Galleria La Pigna, Roma, Italy

30 March - 30 April 2022 Galeria Azur Madrid, Rebellion, Spain



Master in Business Administration and Marketing, Ravensburg, BA Germany

Oil Painting workshop with Roisin O´` Farrell (Ireland) for one year

Member of Milan Art Institute since 2020, learning different painting techniques

Several online courses with artist like Noah Elias and other artists about Mixed Media, Aquarelle and other painting technique



December 2020: Article in the German newspaper SÜDKURIER about my art journey

March, April and May 2021 was my art in „House & Garden“ Magazine, London

June 2021 article on two pages in art magazine Marika Magazine, USA

June and July 2021 article in the German newspaper SÜDKURIER about the -bamboo meets Art exhibition

July 2021 article in Akzent Magazine, South Germany

July 2021 interview and article in Art for All Art Magazine, USA, California

August 2021 article and blog article in art magazine Goddess Art Magazine, Germany

October 2021 part of an art book in Madrid, Guto Ajayu Culture

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