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  Christine El Ojeil



Laeti Lux (Joyful Light)

oil on canvas

80 x 80 cm


Vivid yellow symbolizing a ray of sunshine; spreading

hope, positivity and warmth.

Elegantia (Elegance)

oil on canvas

80 x 80 cm


Brush strokes coming alive like an elegant dancer

swaying to the sound of the wind.



At a very young age, Christine was fascinated by the art of painting. As a child and teenager, she used to draw and paint on pieces of wood that her father brought back from his carpentry shop. As an adult, and after taking a break from art, she reconnected with her passion at an Art Academy in Beirut, Lebanon. There, she learned drawing basics, and fully immersed herself in the art of color and composition. She continues to perfect her art by widening her knowledge through different art and painting workshops and techniques.


“Every time I use my brushes, a new story is told, translating my feelings, my emotions, and my thoughts..

With every new painting rises a new challenge: my own story to tell.

Every painting is a reflection of my deepest emotions, it carries with it a piece of me.”



Planet Future - Online Exhibition, April to September 2023

Artoxic - International Virtual Art Exhibition by M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milan, March 2023

Tokyo Tower Art Fair - Virtual Exhibition by Contemporary Art Collectors, Japan, March 2023

World Art Dubai, March 2023 Bodyspaces - Canvas International Art Fair, Venice, January-February 2023

De-Cryptic Art - International Virtual Contemporary Art Exhibition by M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milan, January 2023

Venice International Art Fair, December 2022

Qatar International Art Festival (QIAF), Doha, September 2022

Expo 2020, Dubai, March 2022

Slang Gallery Exhibition, Beirut, June 2018



• International Prize Michelangelo and The Star of Art and Market, curated by Dott. Francesco Saverio Russo and Dott. Salvatore Russo, Rome – Italy, July 2023

• International Prize Pegasus for the Arts and TOP Artists Award, curated by Dott. Francesco Saverio Russo and Dott. Salvatore Russo, Venice - Italy, May 2023

• Magzoid Emerging Art Icons 2023, Best Contemporary Art Category Winner, Dubai - UAE, May 2023

• Collectors Art Prize Award, March 2023



• Magzoid Magazine, April 2023

• Artventurous Magazine, issues 32 and 33

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