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  Johanna Elbe [ see other similar works ]

         Växjö, Sweden


Into the Heather

Mixed media on canvas. The artwork has been gradually built up in a number of

thin acrylic layers and processed with different kinds of fluids.

100 x 100 cm


Lie down in the heather and let it envelop your tired soul. Listen to its whispers

of wisdom about stillness and rest for the mind and trust it to leave your buzzing

thoughts be.” - The poem of Heather

Completed: 2021

Into the Sky

Mixed media on canvas. The artwork has been gradually built up in a number of

thin acrylic layers and processed with different kinds of fluids.

100 x 80 cm


Spread your wings, take a leap of faith and give yourself the chance to soar

 high into the sky. Let the ever shifting patterns of the clouds inspire you to

 make the changes that you need.” - The poem of Sky

Completed: 2021





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Johanna Elbe (b. 1984) is an intuitive artist living in Växjö Sweden where she also studied visual arts and mathematics at the University. Selected member of the Swedish Artist Association and founder of Af Elbe and the Japandi Art series. Her abstract work became the way back after an exhaustion due to longtime stress. A process to balance her inner self and to find calm in the chaos of life. Johannas art is an elegant minimalist interpretation of nature and an attempt to create harmony and reflection in everyday life. Her work carries a monochrome and subtle expression with the aim of capturing the feeling and essence of the chosen element. Each work is complemented with a poem to create a deeper meaning and dimension to the artists own thoughts. These two make up the complete artwork together. On the international art market Johanna has been called a master of abstraction, that with her delicate color selection and subtle texture creates pieces that fill a room with calm. Her way of seeking a meditative atmosphere for a space has also been noticed and valued by Interior Design Magazines.


Higer educations

University of Växjö 2003-2008.

Master in Education - Artistic Expression and Ethical Interpretation of Art and Mathematics Intended for the Higher level.


Artistic Residencies

Scholarship 2007 through the University of Växjö for studying the artistic language in Senegal Africa, writing a final Degree Project in Art Didactics.



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2022 Coming: Nordic Art Guide 2022/2023 - Bellamonti Art, scheduled publication December 2022



‣ Collective Exhibition - Växjö University, 2004

‣ Collective Exhibition - Växjö University, 2005

‣ Solo Exhibition ”Japandi Art” - World Trade Center Växjö, 16th of August til 3rd of September 2021

‣ Monaco Art Fair - Chapiteau de Fontvieille, 27-29 of August 2021 span>

‣ Permanent Exhibition varied artwork - World Trade Center Växjö, September 2021 -

‣ International Exhibition ”DE.MO Lifestyle” - M.A.D.S. Art Gallery Milan, 9-24 of September 2021

‣ ”Japandi Pieces” - World Trade Center Växjö, 28th of November til 11th of December 2021

‣ Collective Art Show - Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid, 15th of December 2021 til 5th of January 2022

‣ Paris Art Fair - Port de Versailles, 28th-30th of January 2022

‣ Exhibition - Artportable Stockholm, 7th-20th of March 2022

‣ Konstrundan (artshow) Gislaved-Gnosjö, 23rd-24th of April 2002

‣ Collective Exhibition - Gislaved Konsthall, 15th-24th of March.

‣ Collective International Exhibition - Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid, May 2022

‣ Exhibition at Rossocinabro Rome, June 1st 2022 til May 31st 2023

‣ Exhibition - Galleri Plume Viken, 20th-31st of July 2022

‣ Juried Exhibition - Svenska Konstgalleriet Malmö, September 2022

‣ Konstrundan (artshow) Växjö, 30th of September - 2nd of October 2022

‣ Zeitgeist Art Show, Uppsala Saluhall, April 2023


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