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Contemporary Art in Rome


  Felis Margarita [ see other similar works ]

         St-Petersburg, Russia


Compositions 1

acrylic on canvas

100 x 55 cm

Humming bird

acrylic on canvas

71 x 55 cm



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Artist Statement

Basically I am an artist with classical education but in my creative work I try to find some “area” where would unite the merits of the school with the discoveries of contemporary art. I like to represent humans, their faces and bodies, for me it is always amazing to see how beautiful the Nature created this form. I can work in different genres. Sometimes I do big thematic monumental projects for exhibitions, sometimes I change them with not big single works from life, sometimes I do sketches or sculpt. The style of my paintings could be called “tending to postmodernism”, because I use lines, decorative shapes, interpret objects , trying to find some conventional, only my own reality. Colors for me are extremely important, I try them to carry emotions and philosophy. Also I use and explore capability of the modern paints and materials. In portraits of people I like to mix similarity with interpretation. In the big pictures I give only a hint to contemporariety, trying to make them to look generalized and “out of time”.



Graduated from the Academy of fine arts named after Repin in Saint Petersburg.


Solo Exhibitions

Transition Z Saint Petersburg, The Center of Books and Graphic 2020

Narva Art Museum, November 2018-December 2019, Narva, Estonia

Union of Artists, St-Petersburg 2016-2017

ArtHub residence Kingman AZ USA

Union of Artists, St-Petersburg 2015-2016

In art residence Paul Artspace, America, MO 2015

DeDis Gallery 2014, St-Petersburg 2014


Group Exhibitions

Cats in the Kalininsky center, Saint Petersburg 2021

Mixing Identities at Craft Center, London, UK 2021

Cats ArtPro Gallery , Saint Petersburg, Russia 2021

Kinship that not exist 2018 Saint Petersburg

Exhibition Word that not exist 2017 Saint Petersburg

Time that not exist 2016 Saint Petersburg

Romanian Residence in Dacia Gallery NYC USA 2016

Living Finnish Gulf 2015

Exhibition ZooArt 2015 In Union of Artists St-Petersburg

The Beauty of Nature in Imatra, Finland 2015

Exhibition Crimea in Imatra, Finland 2015

Time that not exist 2014

Exhibition Living Finnish Gulf 2014

Annual autumn exhibition in Union of Artists 2014

Participation in anymalistic exhibition ZooArt 2014

Exhibition "The Spring 2014" in Union of Artists, St-Petersburg

"Nadezhda 10" 2013г in Union of Artists, St-Petersburg

Exhibition of diplomas in the Repin’s Academy of Fine Arts in 2013г

The annual exhibition in the museum of Stary Oskol in 2012

Summer Work Student Exhibition in the Repin’s Academy of Fine Arts in 2012

Summer Work Student Exhibition in the Repin’s Academy of Fine Arts in 2011

The annual exhibition in Pushgory in 2008

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