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  Fina Ferrara



Fina Ferrara

Thing Number Six, 2022

from the series, Thing Number five red

crystal glass with engagement ring, mixed technique

10” x 10” x 15”   

25,5 x 25,5 x 38 cm






VideoArt from the series, Thing Number Five Red




"The essence of Thing Number Six artwork encapsulates the profound lack of commitment that permeates our collective human existence. It serves as a poignant reminder of the damage we inflict upon ourselves through the relentless degradation of our planet, where future generations face a bleak future suffocated by the dearth of pure oxygen. The shattered crystalline vessel embodies our inherent fragility, simultaneously alluding to the conspicuous absence of commitment. It is a symbol that evokes the extravagant indulgence associated with excessive consumption, apathy and a conspicuous lack of responsibility."


"SOTERRADO video encapsulates the subtle dance between concealing and revealing one´s authentic emotions. Just as the shattered crystalline vessel in THING NUMBER SIX symbolizes our fragile commitment, the woman´s changing visage becomes a metaphor for the masks we wear to shield ourselves from vulnerability. This poignant fusion of visual and emotional narratives serves as a mirror to the fractured state of our interactions."



Fina Ferrara is a Mexican performance and video artist. She started her artistic career as a professional classical ballet dancer at the age of 10. Seeking to exploit her interpretative skills, later in her career, she incorporates contemporary dance and theatre into her training. Exploring movement is a fundamental element in her work. In 2010, she decided to step out of the stage and interact intimately with the audience, performing in art galleries, museums, and art fairs, in tandem with producing video art as her second, yet strong, form of expression. As a multidisciplinary artist, she creates sculpture, photography, painting, installation, and original music pieces for her work, collaborating with other artists as well.

Her work has been exhibited in London, Paris, New York, Venice, Madrid, Marbella, Turkey, Colombia, Chicago, and of course, Mexico. She has been awarded the Power of Creativity Art Prize and Faces of the Peace Art Prize by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, in 2021 and 2022 respectively. This year, 2023, she has been honored with the International Prize Leonardo da Vinci, The Universal Artist.


Disturbed by how human boundaries are often penetrated through interactions with others, violence, hatred, and abuse are stepping stones in her performances. Through expelling these emotions, Fina questions life and social standards, highlighting our areas of discomfort.

For Fina, performance is an ongoing act of collective self-evolution.



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