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Maria Yu. Filimonova 

Artist Statement

Maria Yu. Filimonova was born in St. Petersburg, in Russia in 1995, where lives now. In 2008 she entered the St. Petersburg State Academic Art Lyceum. B.V. Ioganson of the Russian Academy of Arts. Studied successfully, I drew a lot of sketches. I loved Painting. In 2014 she entered the theater faculty of the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I. Repin of the Russian Academy of Arts. In her third year she was disillusioned with the faculty of painting in a battle-painting workshop under the supervision of Professor V.V. Zagonika, where I am studying at the moment. This is a historical workshop, completely glass. The uniqueness of the workshop is lighting like on the street. Stages from the horse are regularly put on it. mi ...Besides Painting and Composition I do Sculpture. I love such a sculptor as Lembruk Wilhelm, I admire how he can spiritualize a form and at the same time have no doubt in its reality. From Russian artists Vrubel Mikhail Aleksandrovich is close. its museum. I feel well how it conveys the rushing spirit of the Russian soul in images of the Demon. I write night etudes from nature, inspired by the moment of being. I write and Leplya nude. Also portraits. I participate in exhibitions in the Union of Artists, in the private gallery "ArtMuza". Exhibitions - Union of Artists 2015, 2016 ,2017, 2018



oil on canvas

60 x 33 cm


Available works




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