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Mark James Ford

Artist's Statement

As a research chemist, the chemical processes that are involved in the development of photographic film has always fascinated me and in no other branch of the arts does an understanding of the physical and chemical processes involved play such an important role as with photography. However, many aspects contribute to a final image and, striving for perfection at every point of the creative process, neither the motif itself nor the format and certainly not the atmosphere, the time of day or the resulting colours and their representation are left to chance. My initial photographic work is represented by my trademark wide panoramas of cities or landscapes. These hand stitched works, which really invite you to ‘step in’ and walk through the image, have found their way into many private and business collections. Nevertheless, it has always been the colours and structures to be found in nature, as well as the underlying chemical processes that lie behind these, which has fascinated me and nature photography is my opportunity to show the awe inspiring beauty of the natural world as I perceive it. Although I sometimes simply show this beauty as I find it, I always try and push the representation of an image to its artistic limits, perhaps even ending with an abstract work. Cropping tightly, contexts like shorelines and horizon are often removed allowing a creative focus on the details and sometimes vibrant colours that excite me. Just as a diamond needs light, so capturing the interplay of subject and light, is often key to achieving the effect I am looking for. This is never more present than when looking at water in its many forms and as such this is very much a preferred motif. Together with Ines Mondon, the woman and photographer at my side and a wonderfully constant source of the support and challenge, I explore passionately the whole year round the boundless reservoir of motifs that nature has to offer: What we see; what we think and feel about what we see; and how this, and these emotions, can be represented in a final image. In 2012 I returned to film photography (6 x 17cm medium format), being particularly taken by the rich colours from Fuji Velvia film. Searching for a digital equivalent to film, I discovered the Foveon X3 Direct Image sensor from Sigma and was immediately captivated by the colour and detail that this could deliver. I now own and use a range of cameras from the house Sigma as well as lenses from Sigma, Carl Zeiss, Mamiya and Meyer Görlitz. I am a Reference Photographer for Sigma Germany.

May 2001: Art Galerie MTZ, Sulzbach
September 2001: Kunst und Rahmen Atelier, Wiesbaden
February 2002: Sportpressball – Olympiastand Stadt Frankfurt
February 2004: St’Art, Foire d’Art Contemporain, Strasbourg
May 2004: FIS 10th International Fine Art Exhibition
February 2005: St’Art, Foire d’Art Contemporain, Strasbourg
May 2005: FIS 11th International Fine Art Exhibition
March 2007: FIS 13th Internatinal Fine Art Exhibition
May 2007: Komen Deutschland eV
September 2009: Galerie Sties, Kronberg
May 2010: Bilder Hofmann Galerie Kunsthandlung, Oberursel
April 2011: Galerie Sties, Kronberg
September 2012: Galerie Sties, Kronberg
September 2014: Sigma, Photokina, Köln
November 2015: Agora Gallery, New York, “Illumination”
January 2016: Galleria 360, Florence, “New Art”
April 2016: Biennale Riviera Del Brenta, Venice
May 2016: Tokyo International Art Fair, Tokyo
May 2016: ATIM’s Top 60 Masters Of Contemporary Art
September 2016: Sigma, Photokina, Köln
November 2016: Little Treasures, Bologna, Italy
December 2016: Spectrum 2016, Miami

Publications and Prizes
ARTisSpectrum Vol. 34
ProfiFoto Spezial 151, Sigma In Professionellen Händen (German)
Leonardo da Vinci Prize, Universal Artist, Florence 2016
Internationale Kunst Heute, 2016
iBook: The SIGMA dp Quattro Cameras In Practice – Mark James Ford & Ines Mondon
WEBINAR: Lichtblick Wochenende (Datacolor Spyder) – Landschaftsfotografie mit Mark James Ford
ATIM Masters Award 2016
ATIM’s Top 60 Masters Of Contemporary Art
World Wide Art Books: Current Masters 2, Selected Modern Art
ArtTour International Summer Issue 2016: Cover Story – The Fine Art Photography Of Mark James Ford
Calvendo Gold Award 2016: Calendar H20 (Mark James Ford and Ines Mondon)
ArtTour International Top 20 Photographers: Cover Story

Mark Ford - Stranded



100 x 150 cm


All works are reproduced as true photographs on a special matt silver photographic paper from Kodak. The photographs are then mounted onto acrylic.
The edges are polished and a very thin protective coating applied to the rear.
An aluminium hanging frame is then attached to the rear of the image.





Available works



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