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  Petra Forman [ see other similar works ]

          Eichgraben, Austria and Croatia


Between two worlds

acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

Between two wings

acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

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About and Artist Statement

Petra Forman is an Austrian abstract emerging artist, living and working in Croatia, on the Dalmatian Adriatic south coast in Korcula.

She exhibited her work on international art fairs, presenting her art in many prominent galleries throughout the year, like New York, Madrid, Paris, Vienna and also virtual exhibitions in London and Milano. Finding inspiration in nature and the beauty of the Adriatic sea, her work translates her emotions into shapes, textures and colours.

Striving for depth and intensity Petra uses multiple layers of paint, grainy or rough textures, embracing the beauty of decay by including rust or cracked structures in her paintings. She also likes to incorporate into her work, natural materials from the sea, like corals or lakegrass and experimenting with rust, wood and self-made marble powder. Her biggest inspiration comes from the beauty of the Croatian landscape, but especially so in her art studio in the beautiful Adriatic coast from Korcula with the most beautiful view. Art was a passion she felt since childhood, ever since then she has been creative and enjoyed to express herself artistically in various different forms, but from the last year she has rediscovered and developed further her passion for painting"When I create my artwork, I let myself be inspired by my personal perception of the world, full of emotions" she explains.

"I dive deep into my inner consciousness. My creative process gives rise to expressive compositions of colours and structures". Her art is all about pursuing harmony and balance found in the nature. A blend of Croatian minimalism with a hint of ancient mysticism, her art keeps us fascinated by the layers and textures, giving a defined sense dimension to the paintings. Nature and the course of time are this artist's sources of inspiration. Her paintings are created through intuitive responses while engaged in her work.

She explains to us: "The process of creation is completely organic and spontaneous. When it emerges on the canvas, I convey a thought that is highly emotional and personal yet at the same time universal; It speaks of places unseen, but at the same time comforting and familiar. Like memories of a place we feel we've been before, but can't quite recall all the details of the experience." "My paintings are often influenced by music and I relate them to lyrics that try to capture and convey my thoughts in the artwork." "Using color as language, my work becomes alive with emotion through the movement of the structure and luscious layers of pigment. Much like memories, each painting is filled with layer upon layer of paint, building a rich history into each piece" Immersion in creativity for me is a conversation with myself, a revelation, as well as an appeal to society. Each painting has its own story, but I would like each viewer to see something personal in it, some kind of echo in his soul. Painting for me is brilliant meditation and express my emotions, state of mind and needs of constant change and freedom. My way is knowledge and perception through working out details and observing the process of creating art.

Petra was born in 1968, Austria, and is currently mostly living and working in Croatia, on the Dalmatian Adriatic coast of Korcula, with a fantastic outdoor studio directly on the sea. After the Master's degree study in Executive Management MBA - General Management in Vienna Petra was working many years as Country Leader for a BigData & Data Science company from Berlin.

Before she was working in various webprojects as projectmanager and business unit leader to create webplattforms for big companys incl. webdesign & usability concepts.

In addition to her business career, Petra always attends master classes by various artists like CHRISTIAN LUDWIG ATTERSEE to learn about different techniques and materials the last 20 years.


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