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Mario Formica 

Mario Formica’s works are refined, complex and desecrating.
Human shapes, slightly sketched, with huge eyes appear transparent due to the brightness of their bodies, unreal presences proceeding from a parallel world, supported by complex and metallic structures, which remind of atmospheres borrowed from science fiction.
The artist employs several materials, he works wood with different tempera colors, natural pastes and earth tones, draws with pastels and gathers objects and mechanical pieces.
The constituent structures seem to come from the workshop of an alchemist, who skillfully shapes the elements in order to reveal finally an alien world.
These works are disturbing and stimulating at the same time, critical of the contemporary society through their strange way of assimilating man and machinery, through the harmony of an evolutionary process perceived as a threatening and dark destiny.
Paolo Levi


This is precisely the intimate poetry which Mario Formica’s work remains faithful to. The artist, being the leading actor of his own paintings, satisfies the urgent intention to succeed in expressing the will of sensitization through these works. He employs recycled materials with a vigor suggested by the artistic desire of creating something of his own, in order to go beyond the restricted borders of his native region and then fly away from the nest without regrets. The work transmits his environmentalist nature which contributes to create concrete messages thanks to an orographic and aesthetic mental journey, with the full awareness that, only by taking part in the improvement and widening of one’s own language, art can acquire a universal and totalizing idiom and participation. And that is precisely what artists around us, mainly responsible, ought to.

Milena Massani.

“...Among this technological waste emerges lost fragments of shipwrecks of long ago, small figures on gold bases and ghosts of the oniric Middle Ages recalled to mind and proposed in a very personal re-elaborated visionary form.

These plurimaterial  structures are inhabited by androgynous transparent characters, strange figures plunged into timeless atmospheres, in a suspended space. These asexual inhabitants who sometimes have traits of infantile physiognomy, and at other times not even the slightest hint, live in intervening spaces of reality where they seem to look upon us with the detachment of a Byzantine Icon.

From the evocative contrast between electronic material and the populated tables of slender ghosts, from the two contrasting elements of aesthetic and matter, is born the suspended expressive equilibrium out of time, the arcane fascination and entailment of these sculptures.”  (P. Salvetti – Art Critic)



Mario Formica, graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino, put on shows such as “Cats”, “The Phantom of the Opera”, and so on.

As a scenographer, he put on also several paintings and photos exhibitions.

In 2004 he began to produce works using technological waste, maintaining, at the same time, his love and study for the Italian Art of the XIV and XV centuries, and entitled this production: DIFFERENTIATED DRY WASTE.


After exhibiting his works in Cattolica, Rimini and Riccione, he reached the Françoise Calcagno Art Studio in Venice and, afterwards,  the Burgassi Art Gallery in Florence.

In 2007 he made exhibitions in Florence, Sansepolcro, Genoa and Treviso.

In 2008 he made an exhibition in Rome, in the Bramante rooms.

Six works have been purchased by the M.J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego and five pictures for “ Alice in Wonderland” are at the Katri Johansson Gallery of Malmo.

In 2007, beside DIFFERENTIATED DRY WASTE, he exhibited a new production in Rimini: “THE TAROTS”, the 22 Major Arcana, considered in a surreal and ironical context.

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