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  Hiroaki Furukawa

           Tokyo, Japan


Hiroaki Furukama

Hiroaki Furukama


mixed media on paper

24 x 33 cm

Platform of Kitasenju station

mixed media on paper

16 x 22,5 cm

Hiroaki Furukama

Street scenery after rain

mixed media on paper

22 x 16 cm




Hiroaki Furukawa is a Japanese mixed media colored pencil artist. He was born in 1980, and now lives in Tokyo. He draws over layers of different materials as a background. Highlighter, blushpen, crayon, pastel, aqyla, etc. After that he uses colored pencils. He gives them a role in each sense you feel from imaging a motif ; like highlighter as stroke of hearing, blushpen as stroke of smell, etc. In his younger days, he found that the sense of touch is one of the biggest points of painting. Developing further, he tried using every 5 senses as an effect to make an art that can come near the truth. One more speciality of his work is colors. Since he used to live in the U.S.A in the childhood from 5 to 10, he has a color sense that is vivid and bright, also hybrid with Japanese delicate tone control. The first influence of art was when he started it at the age of 15, seeing an artbook of Odilon Redon. What he aims at making art by these specialities is to express what he wants to tell that can not be in words. A feeling that includes brightness and darkness, beauty and dirt, etc., everything together as one history of human nature.



Hiroaki Furukawa (Mixed media Colored pencil artist.

Japanese. 42 years old, Now lives in Tokyo, Japan)

1980 Born in Japan

1985~1990 Lived in USA

1995 Started art at high school in Japan

2003 Graduated Rikkyo University English department Comparative literature and ideology course

2009 Becomes colored pencil artist

2010 First solo exhibition at “Gekkoso art shop” (Ginza Tokyo) Does solo exhibition 5 times here until 2015.

2011~2020 Solo exhibition 7times at town center of Sawara. (Chiba Pref.)

2013 Exhibits at San Mateo County Fair (California, USA)

2018~2022 Solo exhibition 5 times at Gallery ”Art Mall” (Nihombashi Tokyo)

2021 Solo exhibition at Gallery “Shichimenzaka halfway” (Yanesen Tokyo)

2021,2022 Exhibits at Independents Yokohama exhibition (Yokohama)

2021,2022 Exhibits at M.A.D.S Art Gallery (Milan, Italy). 2022 Teaches at Art School “Arti Kids” (Tokyo)

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