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Gabi Simon Artworks Concept 

La nouvelle vague

These photographs of the series - La nouvelle vague - have been selected for Contemporary Venice and come now in Roma. Gabi Simon is an artist witch photography as her main activity, but its creative process includes different art medium; From plastic arts to art images on any support, with the innovation of working methods like Kraft Technique®, with many styles, the creation of content with self-diffusion & publication on the website. But also divinatory arts and finally, the art of healing.

Born in 1975 in Normandy, she lives in the south of France.



1995-2013: Faculty of Letters Philosophy and in the Faculty of Psychology. Master's degree in cognitive psychology and the beginning of neuro fundamental Research on the animal model of Autism. Diploma of Advanced Studies in Normal and Pathological Psychology of Cognitive Processes: Neuropsychology. Doctoral training. Registration of the title of Psychologist and practice.

2013: Studies of Advaita and intensive practice of meditation Vipassana and mantras. Reiki Ryoho and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

2015-2016: Internship and training in gilding and gilded wood restoration & Pictorial retouching techniques.

2017: Purchase of the business domain.

2018: Self-taught in DTP multimedia training.

2019: Microentrepreneur. Free artist.

22018-2020: Photography international contest entries.

2019-2020: Self-taught in bioenergy & magnetism medical dowsing and divinatory



2021: Venice Contemporary at The Room Gallery, Venezia (IT) From 01-21th february 2021



2018: ND Awards Honorable mention (landscapes)

2018: FAPA honourable mention (landscapes)

2019: Monovisions Awards honourable mention (family & nude) and ND awards honorable mention (conceptual & family)

2019: Monochrome Awards honourable mention (conceptual)

2020: Monovisions Awards honourable mention (street)




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I will meet you in wonderland

phothography fineart Baryta 350gr certified limited edition

40 x 30 cm

with frame 54 x 44 cm

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